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I work for a large company in the UK and we have been told that we have to sign in a few minutes early each day so that our computers are logged in and ready for us to start working at our official starting times. This amount of time worked each time day adds up and of course we are not paid for this. Is this legal and can this time be claimed back from the company?

Also, if we are one minute late, we have to work back fifteen minutes at the end of the day, is there a legal stance on this?

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The company must legally pay you for all the time you work. They can legally fix the timeclock to round to the nearest 15 minutes. That means if you come in 8 minutes late you will be clocked in at 15 after. If you come in 5 minutes early you will be clocked in at the right time an dif you come in 8 minutes early you are clocked in at 15 till the hour.

This only works if the company sets the timecards to round to the nearest 15 minutes. One minute last should not be 15 minutes this is incorrect and illegal.

You would need to contact your local department of labor and talk to them about filing a claim for unpaid overtime wages.


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