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Dear Brian,

Good day.

1. Person to handle HR Issue at my work place is HR Partner who is report to Country HR Manager. The reporting structure in my company is from Coordinator - Me - HR Delivery Manager - HR Delivery Manager 2nd line - Hub manager - Country HR Manager.

2.I work in a globally integrated Team. I work in Malaysia support for recruiter in China. We follow the global policy.

3.3000+ Employee for only Malaysia only. I work in a US MNC.

4. I am the employee

Let me give you the brief background of the scenario.

I work in an IT Company under a Recruitment team of HR Department. I am a HR Delivery Team Lead that lead a team of 8 coordinator.I report to HR Delivery Manager. I support for assigned recruiter and the recruiter reports to Recruitment Lead. The intern normally support to recruiter and they hire as part time (non-regular employee) to support for recruiter work. As delivery team, we do not know the intern unless informed by the recruiter. For the below scenarios, the intern send the request directly to us without letting us know who will be his supported recruiter.
The job requisition is a series of alphanumerical indicate a specific job in apple system. In a job requisition, there will be a lot of applicants. If there is an applicant going to extend offer, the job requisition cannot be closed.

Appreciate your help for below scenario and really thanks for your spend your time to help on below issue, thanks


An Intern send a request to me to ask me close two job requisition.

After I checked the requisition status and asking the recruiter feedback on a candidate John at particular job requisition, I reply below chatting conversation (some sort of msn chat window) to intern via email and copy her recruiter. Email as below:

Dear Intern,

Could you check with recruiter before ask me to close a requisition that recruiter going to issue offer? Thanks

Does recruitment give you appropriate Apple System training?

Job requisition A Candidate John will be issue offer soon

During the evening time about to call off the day, I received the msn chat below with intern.

Intern: Hi, I sent you email in the morning to close two positions for it has some wrong information, and I have posted the right ones
Intern: Would you please close these positions for its urgent for the hiring manager

Me: Please check with recruiter before come to me

Intern: She approved

Me: because one of the candidates is going to extend offer

Me: so the requisition cannot be closed

Intern: ok

Me: this is the logic fix by Apple system

Intern: I see

Me: Please ensure you go through all the Apple system training

Intern: Thanks

Me: so you may ask recruiter give you adequate training

Me: thanks

Intern: You really are a little blunt, I just ask you a question

Intern: I first came to IBM but I still understand basic courtesy not like you

As Team Leader as HR Specialist who support for recruiter, I put all the above conversation into email and send to Recruitment Lead (First Line Manager of Recruiter).

Then the recruitment Lead reply an email and copy the intern back to me as follow:

Yee Yong, I don't know why you have this kind of attitude. If the person has been trained, I think she/he still makes mistake during her/his daily work. Can you promise your team member never make mistakes? You can pay more patient to train & educate your team member, and can you pay patient to help other team member growth up? As leaders, all of us have responsibility to help own team and other team members growth.

The recruitment Lead escalate above issue to my reporting manager and my manager is angry and take this into account as my performance rating but my KPI has been outlined is not based on that criteria.


Based on above conversation, do I did anything wrong at the first place since the intern send the email to ask us to support without reveal his own identity?

Since I worked in an US based company, can I refer the above issue to labor / any suggested department in order prove to the higher management which I am not wrong at all?

Looking forward your reply.




First thank you for sending this question from Malaysia.  I remember seeing  a few days ago and now can comment on.

I thik this is an issue of a busy workday and overly sensitive Intern.
Maybe the best thing could be for the intern to tell you during  MSN  chat the new requisition number that replace the  one with wrong information.  This was not a normal situation, so Intern did their best and you asked the right question and suggested they get training.
Maybe Intern could have gave you more information so you were sure their manager (Recruiter) was aware of situation details.   

If Intern was proactive they should have given you the new requisition number so you know they did the right thing considering the situation.   Also maybe you should have asked Intern to give you the right requisition number and the offer could be made using the right number to avoid a mistake.

I understand you were concerned the Intern was taking steps that were not approved and you were careful not to create a mistake by using the Intern information.

I am sure the training manual should explain what Intern and Recruiter to do when job requisition is wrong or need to be closed  in out of normal situation.    This was an out of ordinary situation and needed special attention.      If this information not in training process, it is a good idea to add for future training of team members when a requisition must end early or change with offers to be made.

I would not be too worried about this and just move on to the next workday.

Maybe text a hello to the Intern and wish them success and move on together.

I hope this helps.

Brian Phillips

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