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Human Resources/Does Escalations affects KPI Ratings


Dear Mr Jim,

Appreciate your advice for below scenario, thanks a lot your great help.

An Intern send a request to me to ask me close two job requisition.

After I checked the requisition status and asking the recruiter feedback on a candidate John at particular job requisition, I reply below chatting conversation (some sort of msn chat window) to intern via email and copy her recruiter. Email as below:

Dear Intern,

Could you check with recruiter before ask me to cloase a requisition that recruiter going to issue offer? Thanks

Does recruitment give you appropriate Apple System training?

Job requisition A Candidate John will be issue offer soon

During the evening time about to call off the day, I received the msn chat below with intern.

Intern: Hi, I sent you email in the morning to close two positions for it has some wrong information, and I have posted the right ones
Intern: Would you please close these positions for its urgent for the hiring manager

Me: Please check with recruiter before come to me

Intern: She approved

Me: because one of the candidates is going to extend offer

Me: so the requisition cannot be closed

Intern: ok

Me: this is the logic fix by Apple system

Intern: I see

Me: Please ensure you go through all the Apple system training

Intern: Thanks

Me: so you may ask recruiter give you adequate training

Me: thanks

Intern: You really are a little blunt, I just ask you a question

Intern: I first came to IBM but I still understand basic courtesy not like you

As Team Leader as HR Specialist who support for recruiter, I put all the above conversation into email and send to Recruitment Lead (First Line Manager of Recruiter).

Then the recruitment Lead reply an email and copy the intern back to me as follow:

Yee Yong, I don't know why you have this kind of attitude. If the person has been trained, I think she/he still makes mistake during her/his daily work. Can you promise your team member never make mistakes? You can pay more patient to train & educate your team member, and can you pay patient to help other team member growth up? As leaders, all of us have responsibility to help own team and other team members growth.

The recruitment Lead escalate above issue to my reporting manager and my manager is angry and take this into account as my performance rating but my KPI has been outlined is not based on that criteria.


Based on above conversation, do I did anything wrong at the first place since the intern send the email to ask us to support without reveal his own identity?

Since I worked in an US based company, can I refer the above issue to labor / any suggested department in order prove to the higher management which I am not wrong at all?

First of all, we're talking about an intern, not a full time permanent employee????
Based on what I read I really dont see the problem here, at least on the surface.  The real issue here is the email communication.  Regardless of what was or what was not written in these communications the problem is PICK UP THE PHONE or GO TO THE PERSON PHYSICALLY and actually talk with them. You would be amazed at how many miscommunications can be avoided or solved in this fashion.
How can you close a req before you actually hire someone and have them on board?

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James Dromsky is Founder and CEO of Orion Consulting, Inc. During his twenty-five year career he has conducted and managed Executive Search and Human Resources consulting engagements in the Consumer Products, Electronics/Computer, Financial Services, Information Services, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and DOD related industries. Prior to founding Orion Consulting, Inc., Mr. Dromsky functioned as Engagement Manager and Consultant for regional and national Search and Consulting Firms. He has successfully completed Search assignments for positions including President, General Manager, Vice President Operations, Vice President Finance/CFO, Vice President Marketing/Sales, Vice President Manufacturing, Vice President Engineering, Vice President R&D, Vice President Human Resources as well as Managerial, Supervisory and Professional Direct Contributor positions in all functional areas. As President of Orion Consulting for the past 23 years, Mr. Dromsky is directly involved in and responsible for all Search and Consulting engagements. These engagements have ranged on the Search side from a single top management assignment for a start-up firm to a 75 hire multi-year reconstruction of a major appliance manufacturing concern. The Consulting engagements have ranged in scope from individual assignments such as a targeted salary survey; development and implementation of database applications for a H.R. Information System in the consulting industry; design and growth of a software development team for the information services arena to the conceptualization and installation of a complete corporate Human Resources function. Mr. Dromsky received his education in Biology and Chemistry from Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey. In addition, he has taken graduate course work at the same university in the area of Business and Marketing. Mr. Dromsky served in the U.S. Navy, which included a tour of duty in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Dromsky received his education in Biology and Chemistry from Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey. In addition, he has taken graduate course work at the same university in the area of Business and Marketing. Mr. Dromsky served in the U.S. Navy, which included a tour of duty in Southeast Asia.

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