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Why would an employer stop direct deposit for all its employees?  The only excuse we got was "...circumstances beyond our control.", but some of us are worrying about the viability of the company.

Did they stop it for only one payroll or forever?

My guess would be a problem with the bank. When payroll is processed it is than sent to the bank to process direct deposit. The amount is taken out of the company bank account and put into each individual bank accounts for the employee direct deposit.

I had to stop direct deposit once because I missed the bank deadline and if I did direct deposit the checks would not be in until Monday and payday was Friday. So I stopped direct deposit for that payperiod and wrote manual checks.

The payroll paperwork for direct deposit has to go to the bank two days ahead of the payroll paydate in order for the amount to be processed on the paydate.

If it is only for one payday I wouldn't worry about it too much it could be a bank problem, it could be a computer problem where the file could not be created and sent to the bank or it could be a payroll processing problem.

If it is stopped forever I would probably ask if it was going to be offered again and when. It is not mandatory to offer direct deposit so there is not much else that can be done.


On another note there is one more reason if the company hired an outsourcing firm to do the payroll and that firm either does not do direct deposit or if the company did not want that firm to have their bank account numbers.

The other reason could be as you thought that the company has a low cash flow and needs the two days float that they processing takes away. They have to put the money out on Wednesday to pay out on Friday. If they do handwritten checks they can write them on Friday and the money comes out of the account on Friday instead of Wednesday.


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