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I was wondering if there was an online resource or community where most quality employers may congregate to either hire new people or talk about business related things?


Yes,   go to

It is like "Facebook", but for business people /professionals/ and anyone else who wants to be "connected".    There are no stories or pictures posted about the juicy steak you cooked and ate last night or your feelings on the Govt shutdown or what award your kids won over the weekend.     This "personal" content is not appropriate on LinkedIn.   Also not appropriate is blatant self promotion....  buy insurance from me- I'm great !!  type of thing... is all about building a business personal network-- people you can help and those who may be able to help you.  It is about hiring people and business issues.  Helps keep you up to speed with your "contacts".  You have contacts in LinkedIn like there are friends on Facebook.  Maybe meet a contact for business or even ask for a job.   You also join groups you are interested in-- for example, job posting groups and others-- many others...

Another option if you are a business owner or are interested in talking about the services you "sell" or offer,  try a local Business to Business networking group.  There are some all over the country.  There are about five groups I know of in a 50 mile radius of my location.  The group typically meets early in the morning weekly to trade busiess referrals from each other to each other.  Aside from those two options, I don't know of anything else I would spend my time on to do what you ask.

I hope this helps.  Also just in case you use LinkedIn now, and don't see the value, you may not be using it , or your network, to it's fullest potential.  Might want to look up online lesson on how to use LinkedIn efficiently.  Also joining a B2B Networking group might mean an investment of 6-9 months before you start getting referrals from longer tenured members.

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