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QUESTION: My current employer is a pvt ltd company and I got job in a ltd company.
I have no bond with current employer and is denying to give experience letter.
My new employer ( a ltd company) asking for experience or relieving letter as per the company HR policy.
Kindly help me.

ANSWER: Dear Harwinder
I understand that when a new employer wants to see a relieving letter or experience certificate and the same is not available or being given by the earlier employer, it can be painful.

For me to be able to guide you, I need to understand why your current employer is refusing to give either a relieving letter or experience certificate. What is it that they want from you that will enable them to give you either of the letters?

If you can share the complete picture, it will help me guide you better. Look forward to your response.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Actually company wants me to clear my dues of training fees which was not informed earlier.

ANSWER: Dear Harwinder
Thanks for sharing the other side of the picture. That makes it clearer. I understand that if they had not shared this earlier, it does feel like a surprise being sprung on you. However, sometimes organizations put such terms in fine print & that cause confusion.

Having said that, there are possibly 3 options that you could consider:
a. Speak with the relevant people in your current organization (the one you are leaving) & request them for a waiver or reduction so that the issue is resolved amicably.

b. Speak with your new employer (where you are joining) and see if they can pick up the cost or at least part of it. They may consider if the training that you have been through is useful for the work that you have to do there.

c. Check if there was any legal binding that you got into in the form of signing any terms & conditions of employment or before the program or anything else that tells you whether you need to comply or you can challenge this in the court of law. You can then decide whether you want to pay up or take the matter to court. The court option though can be painful & can lead to strained relationship.

Hope this helps. Do revert if you have further queries or clarifications on this. I will be happy to respond. All the best.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt reply

I have discussed with current employer and new employer. They both are denying for reducing and paying amount respectively. I have no any bond with current employer.

Can I show any document to new employer as an alternative of experience letter or relieving letter.

Dear Harwinder
The purpose of the experience or relieving letter is to give an idea to the new employer about two aspects. One is to know that the individual has got relieved and hence is not in any double employment (something that most employers do not want). Also it gives them a verification of what the individual has claimed regarding work experience.

Thus the experience certificate is relevant for a couple of job changes at least. Not just the first one. It is possible that if you change again then the next employer may want to see the last 2 job experience certificates.

Even if the immediate new employer agrees to an alternate document (the only possible one I can think of is a full & final settlement document), it is possible that the next employer does not agree to it. So think about it before you take your decision.

In any case, it will help if you can check with your new employer how critical the experience/ relieving letter is for them & whether a bank proof of full & final settlement or a letter from the company on full & final settlement will serve the purpose. You can then decide.

Hope this helps you take your decision. Do revert if you have further thoughts on this. I will be happy to respond. All the best.

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