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hi..recently someone at work was made a supervisor. this is a federal place. the day after that, he became a bully and alredy the staff is talking about major call-in's to cripple the dept. now the other day he became very abusive to me, raised voice, intimidation (that part did not work, but he tried). i have two supervisors and a union rep as witnesses. i have written up the entire thing and will get it to our hr specialist. since what i say is provable, what kinds of things can the hr specialist do about it? i am not the only one he is doing this too; other people also but so far they dont want to go to hr. thanks very much!

The actions that HR can take are determined by the policies and procedures the organization has in place with respect to bullying and harassment, the severity of the activity, etc. Unfortunately there is no way to generalize and say exactly what course of action is likely.

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