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HI Umesh,

I will be grateful if you could help me out with this. I had put resignation in my organization with one month notice. As per the contract, I am required to give 1 month notice to the employer. They negotiated with me for couple of days but I was certain that I needed to leave. I have done the knowledge transfer to the company and client says they have no issues, if the transition is smooth. Now my employer is forcing me to do extra work saying you need to work for 1 month. I am concerned that under the pretext of extra work, they will delay the release. I have agreed to do the work but on condition that the release date should not be affected. The problem is the behavior of manager and couple of members of staff. They are trying to incite me by shouting loud when talking, making indirect remarks, discussing politics and religion etc. I feel this as torture. How can I spend another month like this. I feel that they want me to go on a bad note from the client. So, they are doing their level best to get me angry and do something silly. Please advise me what should I do. I feel this humiliating.

There is one senior member who had nearly ruined my career 3 years ago is now in our team. He keeps instigating me with veiled remarks and is also  fueling the management. What should I do.


Dear Bangalore employee,

Hope you're doing fine.

Whatever is happening doesn't seem right. Is there shortage of jobs in market? Why can't you look for a better job and leave and if you have found one what's use of working with an Organisation where no one cares.

If you have found a new job. Just quit and join at the new place. What maximum they can do is to hold your FNF for sometime unlawfully and deduct the balance notice pay against shortfall of notice period served. Some trade union, labour department or a lawyer may help you in getting the FnF so don't worry for that.

If you haven't found a good job; start finding one. But before quitting having a job is a must. You know it's easier for working professionals to have a new job instantly whereas people who're not working and looking for a job are often seen with a doubt. Bear yourself for another few days; ignoring your peers' new sense I am sure talents like you will get a job immediately. Moreover you may also apprise your HR Head or the CEO by writing an email before you leave so the new incumbent doesn't go through another nightmare.

Good luck!

Warm regards,
Umesh Chaudhary
New Delhi, India

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