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I have left my previous organization after 2 yrs exp.  I resigned stating my family problem and need of relocating to meet family commitment giving 1 month notice period. the company has policy of 3 mnths notice or basic pay whichever selected by the superiors (though basic pay option is not given to people).
Now my problem is that i left company in haste without proper exit and did not get any exp and release letter from them. I stopped going to office from next day after one month notice period.
My boss had an idea about my situation and was ready to give NOC if our VP approves. which did not happen at that time, so i had to take decision of not turning up..

After almost 6 months now, I have given many MBA exams and has been selected for GD PI in a reputed college. I need my exp certificate and release letter for admission and also verification from employer (college will do that)

I am already in contact with my HR and have requested her for giving my letters. she said she will get back to me. however, further dialogue has not happened yet. Also, in same period as of mine few other employees left company in same way. so HR wants to take same action for all.

M not sure what they gonna do.. please advice me how should I go about this whole issue...

ANSWER: Dear Jyosthna,

Hope you're doing fine.

You have already left this company therefore please close the first chapter by taking out fear from your mind. Your employer maximum can deduct notice pay against shortfall of two months but post that they need to release your full and final cheque. Pls ask for that by writing an application and by sending emails.

I am sure you must be having sufficient evidence of experience with this employer of yours such as offer letter, letter of appointment and salary slips.

MBA though has nothing to do with your leaving this Organisation without proper channel. They would only seek a proof of experience which you may prove with your letter of appointment and last salary slips. Which would clearly show how much experience you had with this Organisation. I would suggest you to please talk to the admission coordinator of this college and honestly tell him the real picture for your inability to submit the relieving letter. I am sure they would understand and sort out your problem. Do carry all the testimonials even a small proof to the Admission Coordinator.

Please feel free to write back in case of any further clarification.

Warm regards,

Umesh Chaudhary
New Delhi, India

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you sir for your assuring reply..

Yes I have all proofs of employment as you mentioned.
I had sent them a soft email requesting to give me atleast my exp. letter and release letter if not my other FnF and PF. As i thought it would be acceptable for them to settle the matter without having to pay me. but as you say that they should give me my final cheque, can you please suggest me how should i write them in convincing tone. Am i entitled to get my whole PF from them? (HR exec told me it will not be settled as there was no proper exit!)

Somewhere i feel that they are trying to manipulate me by not giving me full information of my entitlements...

And as for my MBA, do u suggest that I clear this whole thing up with admission coordinator when i actually get admission. I was dicey to tell this in interview or not.( do interview panel member ask such clarifications?) Also, can I send my letter of employment in document verification since i Have no final exp letter?

The problem with HR is that as many people left the company in same way as i did in same time period, they want to take a strict stand to avoid this to happen again (this is what the HR exec told me). I do not want the effect of this bigger problem to come in my way..

Thank you so much for your reply..

Dear Jyosthna,

Hope you're doing fine.

Please write an application titled as NOTICE addressing it to HR, Head HR and CEO of your Organisation asking for your full and final settlement and relieving letter. Also mention if you don't hear anything within 10 days you shall legal course of action.

Regarding EPF if your employer doesn't sign EPF withdrawal form you may take print of form 19 and form 10 from and get it signed by a Government Bank Manager or Gazetted Officer putting two revenue stamp of Rs. 1 at appropriate place on the form and attaching a cancelled cheque. I am sure you must be getting salary slips having yours and your company's EPF No details. Do put your mobile number on top of both forms.

Yes, you don't have relieving letter therefore you need to mention it clearly to Admission Coordinator. Hiding one factor leads to hiding various other factors which is not safe as per my opinion.

Warm regards,
Umesh Chaudhary
New Delhi, India

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