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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Dromsky,

I have been working for a large corporation for over two years, I found the perfect job opening in Florida within the company a month ago. I submitted the internal application, and hoped for the best. The position I want is a full-time staff position (same department, same job), and my current position is a full-time managing staff (one step up.) Unfortunately, I was immediately told by my direct supervisor that any transfer would take at least four months because my current store would not have someone to fill my current position until then.

My supervisor also gave my a few reasons at the same time, too many I felt. He said that the recruiters/supervisors in FL wanted to find someone "who wants to do more." He also said how the FL store wanted a seamless transfer, but this is not going to happen at least four months. He reassured me that the recruiters was aware that I wanted to move out there, and they wanted me there. He suggested a staff position available in four months in the surrounding area instead.  I've already made plans to move out there next month. I'm even open to part-time (with benefits), float (with benefits), whatever they can find.

Now a month later I am only offered a per diem position WITHOUT benefits. I wish I could contact the recruiters and store managers who are hiring in FL directly, but my company seems to only let me work with my immediate supervisor who obviously doesn't want me to leave. The thing that bothers me the most is that there are at least two staff/float full/part-time positions with benefits in the FL area I'm interested right now.

My questions are the following:
1) Should I just take the per diem position and call it a day?  
2) Is per diem better than internal job search LOA - internal job search?  When I was offered the per diem position, nothing else was discussed other than being  told there is no benefits.  
3) What will happen to my pending bonus? I also have unused vacation, 401k/pension, etc.
4) How do I know if my supervisor is really helping me with my transfer or actually stopping it from happening?
5) Are there any advantages for staying with the company?  It almost feel like it's easier to quit, then reapply to FL.

If there is any other options that I should consider, please let me know.  

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my questions!


ANSWER: Hanna:
You need to step back from this and look at the situation with some objectivity.  You indicate the position in FL is a lower level and doesnt have the benes etc.  As it relates to your career, you are telling your company you want to move backwards not forward. Not a good career move if you have the choice.  Indicating an interest in moving geographically is ok but dont let your desire to be in fla to screw up your career with this company.   You already have all the info you need to make a good decision. A per diem job vs a permanent f/t manager position with incentives, benefits etc.  Duh!!!
Companies are the same all over,  Do you think your boss wants to lose a valued resource?  
Sometimes patience really is a virtue.
Talk with your boss about your career path and go from there.
Taking a risk, leaving the company and reapplying probably wont work and you would be walking away from accrued benes i.e. bonus etc.
Hope this helps
Let me know what happens.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response, Jim.  

Unfortunately, my relocation is more than just moving.  My spouse and I have to move out of state right away.  Basically staying where we live now is unsafe for us.  I thought I could just transfer out to FL since there are openings.  My current job right now has benefits, but it isn't that perfect.  I'm working long days in a high stress environment without support staff.  No support staff means doing everything myself.  It is unproductive and inefficient.

Being the manager makes the same "hourly rate" as staff, same bonus, but I have at least a day's worth of managerial work per month that is not included in my scheduled days.  I know there are lots of salaried jobs out there where people work extra, but not health care jobs. It's not typical for anyone to work pass scheduled shifts unless you're the owner.  I've had this job for over two years now, there is nothing I can do to change that.  That is why I no longer want to be the manager.

Since I don't really have any other option at this point, I have to take the per diem position despite your expert advice.  I did find out that I still get my bonus from last year.  I am worried that I might have a hard time finding a job in FL, but per diem is slightly better than completely without a job I suppose.  Once my professional license is approved in FL, I'll be able to apply to other companies.  If I have more HR questions later on, you're definitely my go-to expert ;)  

Thanks again!


ANSWER: Hanna:
Thanks for the additional info.  In this life it boils down to doing what you have to do.  I understand and would be making the same decision based on your situation.
Hope it works out.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


My family and I are now in FL.  I have been working as an hourly per diem staff for almost a month.  I get reimbursed for driving to different stores, sometimes up to an hour long drive.  Pay is good when I have hours to work, just a few dollars less per hour than my old salary.  I don't mind the drive for now, but my new boss just offered me a part-time exempt job at a location more than an hour away from where I live.  He did not know where I live when he offered that position to me.

I told him I would get back to him.  My co-worker overheard, he had worked there before and wanted to make sure that I work a few days there before making the decision.  I actually had worked there once, the store it's small, rather unorganized, but I don't mind putting the work in.  

The problem is the drive, I can drive an hour to and from work may be up to a few months, but I don't think I can do that forever.  I rather spend that time working instead of being stuck in the car.  As a part-time employee I wouldn't get reimbursed for the drive either.

There is actually a store 10 minutes away from where I live that needs a manager.  However, from what I can tell, the company is specifically looking for new graduates, who have been with the company for a long time, waiting in line to be managers.  It's going to be a while before it's my turn.  I'm guessing it's because they are more likely to cooperate with company's initiatives.  

My questions are:

1)  Could the part-time offer be some kind of a test to see if I'm willing to work?  Perhaps they are just a little desperate.  It looks like two people have quit recently, so the store is left without a manager and a staff employee.

2)  Can I turn down the offer without hurting my chances to get another offer?  Is the long drive a valid reason?  Should I tell my supervisor that I also would like to keep my schedule open without being tied down to a specific part-time schedule at the hour away store?  There may or may not be per diem hours available at stores closer to where I live each month though.

3)  Do you think it's worth the long drive if I get to be part-time Salary with benefits instead of Hourly?  I would only be guaranteed/required to work twenty hours.  I can still pick up other per diem hours when I work part-time.  Right now I'm working almost forty per diem hours, with overtime pay according to state law, without benefits.  

4)  Can I offer to work at that hour away store for just a few months as a short term assignment to show that I want to help/work?  Do you think my supervisor/company would see some value in that?  I'm not sure how switching back to salary would work in that case though.

5)  Will it make a difference if I politely turn down this hour away job, but let my supervisor know that I am willing to work at challenging locations in the future?  

I'm trying to think of ways to separate myself from the new graduates who I'm competing against.  I do have a good feeling about each time when I work at a different store, my co-workers seem to be very happy with my work.  A few assistant managers and employees at the 10 minute away store have asked me if I would be the manager there, but sounds like my boss already had someone else in mind ;(

Thanks again for your advice to help me make a smart decision and stay professional!


Instead of just guessing,  just sit down with the boss and discuss your situation and his objectives. It sounds like you want to build a career with this organization.  Let him/her know that and just have a conversation.  I think many of your concerns will evaporate.
Let me know how the conversation goes.

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Mr. Dromsky received his education in Biology and Chemistry from Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey. In addition, he has taken graduate course work at the same university in the area of Business and Marketing. Mr. Dromsky served in the U.S. Navy, which included a tour of duty in Southeast Asia.

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