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QUESTION: Respected,

I am a master in management who is completing my academics, As a part of my college placements i got into E n Y (btc role) and in Trianz Holdings( HR). But now i am confused to choose which company ..As my core was Marketing & HR. Where can i find my Growth in professional life? And which should i choose?

ANSWER: Dear Jafin
I need to understand some more details to enable me to respond more meaningfully. Please share the following:
a. What is btc role?
b. What business is Trianz in & what is the role in HR that they are offering.

I presume E&Y is Ernst & Young. Please confirm.

Also, based on what you know about yourself, what kind of field do you think you would find interesting?

Once you respond to the above, I will be able to share my perspectives. Look forward to your response.

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QUESTION: 1. BTC = Business Tax Compliance

2. Trianz is into IT Field.. And they offering HR for Recruitment N Selection as HR generalist for a contract basis of 6 months(Probationary)

3. E n Y is Ernst & Young.

4. I am an flexible person on basis of doing Job and a good learner. In a short run i will catch  up my area of were I'm working.

Looking forward to hear from you Pankaj Bhargava.


Dear Jafin
Thanks for the responses. It is good to read that you are flexible & a good learner. These are extremely useful in any career that an individual chooses. Making the right choice is about being clear on the criteria on which basis you will make your decision.

There could be several criteria that individuals use. I am sharing a few below. You will need to see which of these are relevant to you & are there any other criteria in your mind. Understanding those and then rating each opportunity against those will help you make a decision.

a. Is the role in a field of my choice - this is important if you are keen to pursue a particular field (for example, since you majored in Marketing & HR, if you want to pursue any of those)

b. Is the company a good launching pad (this is important since a role in a better known company is likely to give a lot of learning and therefore enhance value for future. This aspect can come next to the first one if that is important to you. Else this can be the first criteria)

c. Is the opportunity likely to be a permanent role or a temporary one with no guarantee of
future job (sometimes this can be critical - if you believe that the role & company are good but there is no chance of becoming permanent, then if there is an option of a permanent role (not contract/ temporary), then this will be an important aspect to consider)

d. Money, location etc. - there could be some others though at a start of one's career it may help to be flexible on these aspects.

As I understand Business Tax Compliance is a Finance related role. You said you have majored in Marketing & HR. So, you may want to see if this is a filed you want to enter as of now.

If you are ok with Finance, then between an E&Y and Trianz, E&Y is likely to be better known and may be a launching pad for future though you may then need to continue with Finance. Unless E&Y is willing to offer a job rotation later on into HR or marketing (business development in their case)

If you are clear about not being in Finance, then Trianz is a choice. However, as I understand from your email, it is a contract job. In that case, it will be important that you keep searching for an option as a back up.

Hope this helps you think further. Do revert if you want any clarifications or have other thoughts/ queries on this. I will be happy to respond. All the best.

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