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QUESTION: Dear Sir/Madam,

I have more than 10 years of experience. I have worked in Admin dept, now working a BPO non - voice for past 8 years. I always had a passion towards HR and wanted to make a career in HR field. I took up MBA in HR,through correspondence. Did fairly well, securing a first class in 2010. Since then I have been searching a job in HR. I know as I don't have a relevant experience its hard to get in. I am trying to get into small company which allow me to learn and gain an experience. But I am not getting a job anywhere. can you suggest me, what best can done. I believe if a person is passionate about something he/she will surely give his best, if given a chance. But why am not getting a chance..... Can you please guide me and suggest me some thing that would be of some help for me. Will trying to switch a career be advisable to me at this stage or age...... Can I get a job in HR?

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ANSWER: Dear Madhavi
I understand your pain. Discovering one's passion and then not getting an opportunity to live it can be painful. I completely agree with you that if an individual is passionate about something, the person will give his/ her best in that area.

Yet with the experience you have, you are likely to be valued more for your non-voice experience than your qualification by most organizations.

To help get an opportunity in HR, it is important that you reflect on the following:
a. What is the specific area that you want to start off with in HR? (as you know there are many aspects in HR)

b. What has been the effort that you have put in so far for getting a role in HR & what is the feedback, if any, that you have got on why you are not being considered - the kind of companies contacted, interviews done and feedback that you have got.

Very often, if the organization you are in is willing for a job rotation, then becomes the first point of entry into a new role. Else one may have to switch to a company on the basis of your area of experience but with a clear understanding that they will give an opportunity for a job switch. I wonder if you have considered those aspects as well.

If you can share your thoughts on all the above, I will be able to add further thoughts on how you could proceed. Look forward to your response. All the best.

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QUESTION: I want to start as a HR Generalist. I have been applying for the job online, as well also requesting friends and relatives  to provide me some references because employee referral is given much importance these days. (Hoping that I would get some help from them, but I surely can tell that neither friends nor relatives will help me.)We do have IJP's happening in our office and it does happen in other companies....but the IJP would be released after fixing the candidates, for audit purpose or either be fixed after they are released. I am planning to move out of the present company if I get a chance, because as I am the only bread earner of our family, I cannot take a chance to quit and then start searching for the one which i prefer. I have not taken up any courses as such which can enhance my skill, I want to get into the Hr role first and then take up some practical course which would be of some help and also be understood better.I also feel that I have to improve a lot on my communication skills, I feel this is also one of the barrier for my growth. I am from a middle class family, some things like taking up some courses would not be affordable by me with out getting into that particular role. At my present office also I hardly get chance to learn, be it any thing.... it will be just work,work and work all the time, hope you understand.

I know, I have been talking only about the negatives and my own problems. Can you please guide me as to what could be done. I don't want to lose hopes and be a loser. Please help me, what best can be done......

Dear Madhavi
I understand your personal situation that requires you to work and do it without investing in any further education at this stage. This can indeed be tough.

What I could not understand is why people are fixed before IJP is released. If you can help me understand that, I will be able to add more thoughts to this.

In case the situation is that there are some people who fix the people, it will help if you can find out who they are and share with them about your aspirations and request them to give you an opportunity. For example if it is the folks in HR, do speak with them.

Else it will be a matter of trial & error. Keep a look out for various ads that come up on websites for the kind of role you are looking for. Keep applying with a request for an interview. That will be one way to get an opportunity.

To prepare for that, create a resume that highlights not only your interest in HR but also your knowledge in the same.

Hope this helps. Do revert with any thoughts or questions & I will be happy to respond. All the best.

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