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Hi Pankaj,

i have been working in a software firm from past 8 years. i took six month maternity breaks twice. From last few years i was not liking my job. infact i started hating it. but due to high salary, flexible timings , work from home option etc i was sticking to the same job. I tried for other oppurtunities for one year , but i could not succeed. I definetly need a job, but can not continue with this job.I feel like choosing some other career whre i can work for 10AM-6PM. Can you please suggest me what i need to do.

Hi Vennela
I understand your situation. Very often financial lucrativeness and other perks keeps one going at a job even if one is not enjoying it. To help you arrive at a decision, here are a few questions for your reflections and response that will help me add further perspectives.

a. Please list down your own financial imperatives that will be critical for you in a job. That amount will give you clarity on what is the minimum that you would be willing to work for.

b. What are your areas of interest. If you can list that down, it will help get some options of directions to move into. These areas could be based on what you have personally gone through or what you have seen around you & you feel they would be your areas of liking intuitively.

c. You mentioned that in the last few years you have started disliking your job. I presume that earlier you liked it. Please reflect & share on what aspects you liked earlier and what aspects your dislike now. Also what was the change that led to this shift. That will give a clue to what has shifted for you and we can then understand why that shift has occurred.

d. What are the other aspects that are important to you at this stage of your career and life? You have mentioned that you are willing to work 10 - 6. I presume that flexible timings & work from home options are not as important to you as some other needs. Is that right? Else please see how you want to value those aspects and the trade offs you are willing to make for the same.

Hope this helps you think through more. Do revert with your thoughts on these & I will be happy to respond further. All the best.

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