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I have taken a joining bonus of 90K when i joined this organisation 5 months back (previously having 2 years of exp). Now i want to pursue my higher studies MBA for which i have to leave immediately, but my manager is adamant on not relieving me before 2 months. In this scenario , they are not leaving me with any options ( no buy out, leave adjustments etc) except to abscond. How the company will deal? will they file a legal action about the joining bonus i have taken?
(I am willing to pay it back ).
Please suggest at the earliest.
Thanks & Regards

ANSWER: Dear Prateek
This is indeed a painful situation when you need to leave for reasons of education and your  boss is not willing to relieve you. It can lead to thoughts of absconding even though it can have its own repercussions given that the world is a small place and it helps to have healthy relationships to ensure right references. Here are some thoughts on the same:

a. You have mentioned that you joined about 5 months back. Normally most organizations have a probation period of 6 months in which the notice period is different from the one after confirmation. What is the situation in your case? That can help you deal with the situation better.

b. Other than your boss are there other relevant stakeholders like HR whom you could connect with and share your dilemma? That can also help resolve the issue.

c. After exploring the above two, the third option is to send across the payment to accounts with a note stating your situation and requesting for a full & final settlement after they accept your dues. This will send the signal that your situation is genuine and that you are not wanting to abscond for the sake of it.

More often than not, companies would have someone reasonable who would understand such a situation and be considerate. The purpose of the notice period is to ensure that work does not get disrupted. However, such exigencies are managed by the organization.

Quite separately, what I am left wondering is how come you needed to resign at the last minute. Normally, admission process abroad is a fairly long one and one would have time between acceptance and joining to be able to give reasonable notice to one's employer.

Do reflect on that as well since this may be seen by your boss as an attempt to make the best of your situation while not thinking about the company. He may be wondering as to why you did not mention about this at the time of joining (I am assuming you did not). This behavior can erode trust and lead to the reaction that your boss is having.

Hope this helps you take this forward. Do revert with your thoughts or any further queries on this. I will be happy to respond. All the best.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Pankaj for the prompt response. PFB my inputs;
a. I am already working on that point as tehnically my probabtion is of 6 months, so i should be having a notice period of 1 month, but my manager is giving me reasons no you are on production, I only signed it off.

b. I also talked to HR. His reponse was since it purely at the discretion of your manager. He has to take decisions on this keeping business implications in mind. But still my manager is saying we need to hire someone, we need to train them etc etc which will require 2 months of time. I asked him there is nothing special which I am doing and others are not. Its a stable process and others are there to train the new recruit as the matter of fact these days we do not have much workd load. Bt still..

Now what I am thinking is to as the finance dept. to give an amount which i need to re-pay, I will make a DD accordingly and then send it formal mail to all the stake holders that this is my last working day ( knowing the fact they will still blacklist me or so) , but i will be fair on my part that i have not in a way stolen their money by absconding.
Please suggest is this the right step..
And in case if the finance dept. says we need approvals from your manager to give you the amount. then?? As I clearly see that he is no mood of co-oeprating.

ANSWER: Dear Prateek
The response from your line manager and HR perhaps is coming from a sense of being cheated, if they invested a fair time & energy in getting you on board. When someone leaves in such a short time, it does leave such a feeling because there is always the thought that how come the person did not know of this earlier. Normally, as I said earlier, such a process is on for more than 6 months before it fructifies. So, transparency at the time of recruitment would have helped.

Having said that I understand the pain that you are experiencing, not finding them in a mood to act reasonably.

I also appreciate that you have approach your line manager & HR and are willing to do your one month as per the terms & conditions of the employment contract.

My suggestion is as follows:

a. If you can serve one month of notice, do that. Prior to that put in a formal letter to HR with a request for being relieved as per the terms & conditions of employment. In that do mention your date of resignation as well as the terms of employment. Please also mention your willingness to pay the money that you think is due to them with a request to confirm if your calculation is right. Please mark a copy of that to Finance too for their views on the calculation. What this will do is to trigger a formal process and you may get a response from Finance (if you can speak with someone in Finance informally about this before sending the note, it could help).

b. On the last day (technically as per the terms & conditions), hand over the cheque with the amount & a letter requesting for early settlement of your full & final settlement. If you can get an acknowledgement of the same, it will at least serve as proof of your intent.

Hope this helps you move forward. I notice that you have chosen to not respond to my curiosity about why you had to resign at a last minute. If you feel like it, do share about the circumstances that made you resign at the last minute. All the best.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks again. i just wish things start falling at places.
n yes answer to the curious question. I gave my CAT last year and since I gt 87.25 which obviously wouldn't have fetched a A+ college. And I have not filled any other colleges, so the thought of doing MBA became stagnant but somwhere in back of the mind there was this constant buzzing thing going on, "You don't belong to IT. Do your masters as early as possible".
On wednesday night last week I recieved a letter from Great Lakes stating the last round of admissions on CAT percintile and because of 2+ years of experience my profile was shortlisted.
Saturday my essay writing and interview was scheduled.
Tuesday I gt the result n confirmation letter that i have been selected and the course is going to start from 29th july.
and in the meanwhile i have researched and talked to n no. of people and about the course and college and made my mind to grab the opputunity.
there were few personal reasons as this could have been my last chance of pursuing MBA.
So, put the papers on Wednesday. :)
I know it was an Impulsive decission. But life is better uncertain than unhappy..
So have taken this STEP.

Dear Prateek
I understand your situation completely now. Definitely agree that it is better to be uncertain than unhappy. And Great Lakes is a good institute.

What might help is sharing this situation in detail with your manager (assuming you have not done it already). Chances are he will appreciate your situation better. You may also offer to provide offline support to the new person who comes in to help that person settle down. It will put some additional burden on you but will create tremendous goodwill.

I do hope things start falling in place soon. Wish you the very best.

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