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Ive been working at my current job in Maryland (owned and run by all family members) for a little under 5 years,..

our company had another branch in Chicago.and my owner moved an employee from there to Virginia into another branch of the office.this va. office failed,and left the girl jobless. feeling responsible. the owner hired the girl on as a skiptracer who works on my accoutns.(and by works on I mean messes them up every day) I constantly send emails to her about errors and discrepancies and always cc:the owner and the mamager(brother n sister) on the email..

well recently there was a major issue and I emailed the girl my problem and cc:the manager.

than right after that I emailed the manager privately and told her how dissatisfied I am with this coworker as well as requested she be taken off of my assignments(shes that bad)

well when I came in..the ponly reply I had was......:taken care of: not a word more.

heres the real issue-

I work 6-11pm with a co worker that comes in at 2-11pm.
he advised me that when he got in, the owner and mamager(brother n sister) were talking freely in the front office in the presence of other ppl. about my email and issues, as well as the owner saying all I do is BITCH!!!!  MY OWNER...CALLING MY A BITCH..ON BUSINESS HOURS,INFRONT OF PEOPLE!!!!  im outraged!!!! I struggle as it is because the ppl. in charge are all famil, and normally my concerns and complaints about my lazy facebook addict manager fall on deaf ears!  what can I do.

I cant afford to quit because my hours must be pm shift.and I have small kids.And the pay is not completely crummy.
my ops. mamager(owners brother,ad managers husband) has kissed the back of my head and I told him not to do it again,and told the owner.. I never heard anything else..the owner just agreed hesa creep!!!! the kitchen here is filtly/mouse poop and small dead ants n stuff.  im so fed up.  what can be done. I know this place is babanas but want professional advise... I feel im going to be fired because of my strolgly worded but professional email about the owners friend whose doing a crummy job,.


Hi Kim
First of all my apologies for the delay in my response.

I understand that working with a person who is not competent can be painful and having a boss make statements about you behind your back can be equally painful.

I also understand the need for money that needs you to keep your job. For anyone in these circumstances, being able to work with a peace of mind is important rather than working there because of the financial need only.

I realize that in many organizations friendships play a great role in determining roles that people are given. It is not always professionally right though it brings with it its own merit. Dealing with it professionally helps in such situations.

I am therefore going to request you to consider this from a different perspective. If you were in the position of your colleague and were a friend of the owner, and discovered that your boss has been complaining about you, how would you feel?

What if the person came across to discuss your problem directly and helped you find the answers instead of escalating to the boss - how would you feel then?

So here's what I would like to understand from you - is there any strength that your colleague brings? Have you had the opportunity to sit across with the person and explain your expectation from her and understand her challenges in being able to meet those?

May I suggest you try this before you escalate any further. Do let me know your reflections/ queries on the above thoughts & I will be happy to respond further. All the best.  

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