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What are the three possible implications a strategy of reducing layers of organization hierarchy,increasing span of control and use of IT and automation has on Human Resource Planning?

Thanks for you question.  

This is a far-reaching question with many implications, some I can think of are as follows:

Reducing Layers of Organization:

-- Reductions in workforce actions
-- Community impact
-- Greater management skills for the remaining managers
-- Issues associated with job/position combinations
-- Increases in spans of control
-- Culture impact within the business(es)
-- Management training (change, retention, communications)

Increases in Spans of Control

-- Position combination issues
-- More complex Performance Management scenarios
-- Greater time management issues
-- Specialized management training and development
-- Management reductions; retaining the right talent mix
-- Morale issues in the management ranks
-- Compensation considerations
-- Management communications; non-management communications

IT and Automation

-- Possible reductions in workforce
-- Communicating the changes to affected audiences
-- Training in specialized systems
-- Transition planning to new system
-- Operater, user training
-- How to use expanded metrics capability

The above lists and particularly training and communications become more complex with the scope and size of the business and even more so with a global/international business with many locations.

To generate a more complete list of implications, brainstorming with key players in the business is a great way to compile the most complete list.  Brainstorming also helps achieves "buy in" and prepare those who will initiate the change.

I hope you find the above thoughts of value.



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