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Dear Evan

Is it a good practice to keep the Employees Database History i.e
Electronic version in form of CV/Resume/Bio-Data,Joining,Exit, Appraisal files etc as well as printed version of the same right from start up of the co ?.

Do you recommend that the Human Resource Management System should be able to extract employees data records right from inception ?.

Example : The co is 20 years old.

i.e. Once the Employee exit the corporate, how many years viz 1,3,5,10 etc the employee history should be maintained
and stored in electronic and printed version by Human resources department ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thank & Regards
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant-

Good morning. Thanks for this question/questions.

I see two issues here.

1) Should a company keep an electronic version of the CV/Resume/Bio-Data,Joining,Exit, Appraisal files etc as well as printed version of the same right from start up of the co ?.

2) Should a company keep the info for a per-determined amount of time.

Let's deal with the first one. Yes. Yes a record should be on file from the day they enter until they leave in an HRIS/HRMS system. If you don't have this then so many other aspects of their growth and progress can be hindered. But a good strong records system alone won't be enough it has to be used. If there is no use of the system then its of no use.

Now the second question, how long should it be kept? I would say 3 to 5 yrs (if its electronic). Keep it long enough to be able to trace money spent on development, growth based on training etc....

Recent movement of going to a strong IT based HRMS/IS make it so easy to do these things. Systems like SumTotal, Halogen and so many others.

I know my answer is simplistic but to me its a simplistic issue and answer. If you need help making a business case for it, let me know.



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