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My husband was recently suspended, with pay, until the investigation of his alleged wrondoings was complete. It is very complicated, but it was the result of a customer complaint.In dealing with an irate customer, husband lost his cool and acted unprofessionally because he raised  his voice and used the F word. He did not however assualt or give the finger as the customer said. He was 'mostly' innocent. Their are witnesses to support him, though I dont believe they were questioned. Other than this incident, his record is pretty good.
He works in municipal goverment. At the first meeting with his supervisors, a rep from HR was present, taking notes. The meeting was cordial. Moments later, was called into a second meeting, without the HR person. This meeting was more confrontational on the part of the supervisors.
Against my advice, he sent an email to the HR rep, since she wasnt at the meeting, to give her his side of the story.
He was shocked to find out when he got back to work he was suspended for three days without pay.
Since the punishment was very harsh, I cant help but wonder if the HR person forwarded it to his supervisores, and they might have felt he 'went over their heads', and being vindictive, gave him a harsher than necessary punishment. He said this had happened to another employee a few years ago when he met with the head of the department, who also got a harsher than required punishment.
He feels that it was OK to send the email to HR, he was just giving her his side, which he was unable to do. He doesnt think it is going over heads.
I think it was a mistake.
What is your opinion?

He should have been able to talk to Human Resources. It is unfortunate if she took it to the supervisor although she is required by law to investigate the situation and as such use whatever evidence she is given.

The three days without pay suspension is not unusual, it is what I would do in the situation as well. This is a standard and used for these type of situations. It gives the employee and the supervisor time to cool off.

This is an unfortunate incident, however, a companies customers are their lifeline. We also are very harsh with an employee that mishandles an irate customer. The proper way to handle an irate customer is to listen to them...let them vent. When they are all finished say...I am sorry you feel that way, would you like to speak to my manager. Takes it away from the employee and puts it in the hands of the manager or supervisor.


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