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Our HR perso el are called"HR Generalists".
My question is simple, but infuriating! It's a very busy time in my field and my skill is highly in demand. I've seen ads one billl boards, fences, on television, radio, Internet, et al. Numerous employers from mom and pop startups to global juggernauts all advertising... With NO information! No pay information, very little benefit information, . And I'm currently employed, why would I bail out of a job w/o knowing what the next place offers? It seems a monumental waste with "cutesy" phrases like, "new pay package"  or "competitive offer". How do I know their new package is better than the old? I understand a new hire w/ no expire cue would not, or should not make as much as a veteran in the field, but why not take that 8 inch column in the local paper to tell about the job offer? It seems that they want you to come in fill out mounds of application paperwork, then boot you back onto the street with " ourrHR DIRECTOR WILL CONTACT YOU WITH AN OFFER!" Um, no. I'm not coming in or going online to fill out ten plus pages of SENSITIVE, PERSONAL information for an Unknwn offer essentially "a pig in a poke". Why would I do that? Why are they so cagey and secretive with this information? I've been declined it at job fairs even! It's infuriating and I'm sick of it because of this practice I won't go looking for a new job because its such a crumby experience. And what's with the attitude I get in interviews? Snobby, demeaning ,downright despotic! It's enough to make one start their own business just to be out of this crumby lite rat race. Any ideas?


Your attitude comes across as aggressive and angry.  I'm sure this is evident when you speak with prospective employers.    ( PS, you can always go and start your own business like you suggested, that's what happens in America.  Then you can be responsible 100% for your successes and failures- accountable only to yourself and those who work for you.   For  example, no net under the trapeeze...)

Finding a rewarding job is  a lot of work and yes, James, you may need to do some paperwork, and deal with HR Generalists , business owners and more.    You need to go through the "courtship" of the application process and the interview.   YES, it is a courtship of sorts.    A lot of people give themselves high marks for being so valuable.  Here is the truth, every person can be replaced and no man is an island.   I would hire a better attitude over high skills any day.

Many employers dont want to post all their job specifications like a parts list for a number of good reasons- many of those reasons you are simply unaware of since you are not in this industry (obvioulsly).  There are GOOD reasons for the "cloak and dagger" and I dont have the time to write or debate them here, but I will talk about it with you over the phone if you like.   

I think you may be a little out of touch with what is REALLY involved in hiring employees from the employer's side and from the applicant experience outside of your own experience.   I'm sure other people have a much better experience than you- with a better outlook on the process.    When a job is posted, depending on the job, there can be 10 to 200 or more applicants and only ONE may be hired.    One happy person, 199 pissed off people.    Please tell me your approach on how to address this applicant process more efficiently or more equitably?   You will have the million dollar idea............

So, If you accept, I would like to help you.  I will agree to give you my insight, no charge except my time (which is in itself an expense to me )  if you want to call me toll free 866-285-2746-- my number is also on my company's website.   I have personally hired over a THOUSAND- and interviewed about 10,000 + people over my career.  I trust that not all those people were hired or were worth hiring.  Many were not worth the time I wasted intervirewing them.

Your attitude is poor ,  but I hope I can shed some light on the process for you, and give you a more positive outlook so you can either decide to look for other work, or go and start your own business.  

So, look me up and call if if you like and  if I'm not in, leave a message and I will call you back.     If not,  good luck.

Brian Phillips  

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