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QUESTION: Dear Pankaj

I would like to know the pros and cons of approaching Former /
Ex-Employers, Ex-Employees both from Employees and Business owners point of view ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Dear Prashant
The pros & cons depend on the purpose for which the individual is approaching. It also depends on the situation & context in which the individual left the organization. Lastly it depends on the circumstances of the individual & the philosophy of the company.

My response at the moment assumes that the individual is approaching for re-employment from the former company and that the individual had left on good terms and was a performing employee whom the organization would not have liked to lose. Also that the individual is well placed even now but values the former organization much more than the current organization.

In such a situation it would be a win-win for the individual and the organization as long as there is a role available for the individual and the organization has a philosophy of considering ex-employees who were good performers and left on a good note.

For the moment I am restricting my response to this specific case. If there are specific situations that you have in mind for which you are seeking a response, do let me know & I will be happy to share my perspectives on that.

Hope this response has helped bring some clarity to you. Do revert with your feedback or further thoughts & I will be happy to respond further. All the best.

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QUESTION: Dear Pankaj

Thank you.

The Objective of the contact is to work again (if got a opportunity) for the Ex-Employer.

What are the pros and cons for a Job seeker to approach ex-employers
i.e. Companies where he/she has already worked before ?.

Is it better to work for new prospective employer or working for
ex / former employers ?.

What parameters can be considered for the same viz monetary benefits, designation,roles and responsibilities,knowledge gained,corporate culture,training programs etc ?.

In the same context,

What are the pros and cons for Employers to recruit ex-employees against prospective candidates ?.


1. If you are a Employer, would you hire ex-employees ?.
2. If you are a Job seeker, would you approach ex-employers for
job ?.
3. Can there be clauses in HR Policies for the Corporate/s regarding hiring ex-employees as you mentioned Organisation philosophy
(work culture) ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant
When one considers going back to a former employer, you need to be clear about why you are doing that in the first place. Is it because you valued working there compared to any other place that you have worked or for some other reason. That reason will prepare you for what you would be willing to expect from the former employer.

The other aspect that you need to be clear about is what are you willing to give up and where you would draw a line. For example, given your experience after your last association with the former employer, if they choose to take you at the same level, would you accept that? Would you be open to a new role etc. You need to think through these aspects.

Form the employer's front, views on rehiring vary from employer to employer. Some see it as a no-no - i.e. no matter what they will not accept any rehires. Some are open to rehires provided they are willing to come at their terms. Some are willing to take back at any terms and some have clear guidelines on the basis of which they accept rehires.

Speaking about my experience & bias, in my previous organization we were clear that we would be open to rehire based on merit. So, it would be as good as evaluating a fresh candidate for a requirement. The ex-employee would be evaluated as well. All parameters being equal between a fresh candidate and an ex-employee, the ex-employee would get the benefit.

The reason was simple - when people came back they were even more committed and they also served as internal ambassadors to the rest by sharing their experiences in the outside world. At no stage was the principle of merit violated. So, there was no internal dissonance either.

So, please check the philosophy of the ex-employer you want to consider reapplying to. If they are open to rehiring, understand the basis on which they rehire and then take your decision.

Hope this helps you in taking a decision. Do revert if there are any clarifications or queries that arise on reading this. I will be happy to respond. All the best.

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