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QUESTION: dear sir,
i had joined dena bank on 22/02/2009 and was relieved on 20/06/2012..
during my service i have been on loss of pay for around 6 months due to my family problems.. now i want to apply some where else where i need the experience of 3 years .. M i eligible as i have experience of more than 3 years but if loss of pay is deducted from the total experience then it is
below 3 years..
thanks n regards
rajeev kumar
Query regarding the legally acceptability of  experience certificate

ANSWER: Hello Rajeev-

Greetings to you and I trust all is well.

Sorry to hear about the family situation and I hope that all turned out well with it.

You present two issues here, 1) the issue of loss of pay for time away from work and 2) time of experience at your previous job. Your question of claiming experience in your job is legitimate. I feel that while you were away from the job, you were still employed there so you can claim that you were with the company for X amount of time, and you may claim the experience, however I would personally question the ethics of claiming the "experience".

Allow me to explain what I mean by that. You were employed for 3 years but you only performed 2.5 years of work. What did you miss or loose in that 6 months you were gone? If the work that you did was a dynamic changing job then you might have missed education in your time away, but if your job was a static job that doesn't change then you didn't miss anything then you can claim the experience as such.

My rule of thumb is to be ethical and honest in your self presentation. Be clear as to what you did and how you did it and then allow your merits to get you the job, not the simple time spent there.

I hope this helps and I invite you to ask me for more help if you need.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: QUESTION: first of all thanks for giving your valuable time to answer my problem..
         I want to say that during my loss of pay I continued to remain the employee of the bank as the bank also considered me eligible for the Fast Track promotion exam for Scale II which can only be after the 3 years of service..
         And one more thing is that in the offer letter of the bank there was a Bond condition to serve the bank for 3 years or to pay One Lakh..and at the time to relieving the bank did not ask me to pay the Bond Amount for my not completing the active service of 3 years..

         So Can we arrive on this conclusion that I have more than 3 years of service experience ......
thanks n regards
rajeev kumar

Hi Rajeev-

Good clarification. On paper you can claim that you were there for 3 years and you can also claim this due to your Bond issue.

In an interview we might talk about the time spent there and what you did and what you learned, but on paper yes you can arrive at that conclusion.

Be well and good luck.


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