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Human Resources/Follow up or not follow up after submitting a resume?


I have read and been told several pros and cons on this topic from professionals.  Because the pros still exist, and I agree with the pros, I have from time to time reached out to the hiring person after submitting my resume.  Unfortunately, I have yet to receive that response of "thanks for emailing me, when can we meet?".  I actually have never received any response.  Until recently, I received a harsh and cold response from the hiring person calling me "inappropriate and unprofessional" for reaching out to her.  Should I allow her nasty response to me stop me from ever sending out following emails again?  Should I even let her HR department know about her unprofessionalism in attacking someone back who was just introducing themselves? Could complaining about the hiring practices (I was very much qualified for that position, and my education exceeded the requirements) black list me?  Not only was I not considered, but her response to me was insulting.  Thank you.

Please do not allow the unprofessionalism of this individual to keep you from communicating with Human Resources for the company for which you have applied.

Most Human Resource people are just so busy that we cannot answer every resume that we receive. I can receive up to 300 resumes for one job posted.

I try to answer the emails that I receive. If the job is filled I simply state that. If we are looking for a different skillset than I let you know that we are looking for someone with a different skillset.

This would not mean you wore not qualified it would mean I was looking for a particular skill that was not prominant on your resume.

For instance I am looking for an IT person that writes code in C++ right now. If that is not listed prominantly on the resume that resume will not be considered for the position. I am not looking for a line that says the candidate has the experience, but an employment listing that shows he has actually worked and used that skill in actual employment.


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