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QUESTION: hello sir

I m confronting a problem want to benefit from your experience for solving it

" I have a bachelor degree on electronics and communication system engineering , during my last years studies , I found that I tend to abstract science not to applied science "

I like and clever also excelled on all kind of mathematics , physics , mechanics , communication systems , but on theories and design I mean abstractly using pen,papers,sketches,manuals,specification,calculations,researches,books

but I hate

using my hand on work for instance

using electronic board - electronic components - avometer - any measuring tools - thin wires - cables - electronics equipment -  microprocessors - micro controller except theoretical part - programming language like c,c++,............

all jobs I faced required some one has practical skills or at least has readiness to learn practically the things I mentioned above

frankly I haven't readiness to do or just think to do that , there was one trial before by imposing myself to do that but I  feeling pain so I quit

noticed that I studied satellite communication - mobile communication - data transfer and computer network also fiber optics design

I want to be a designer , using theories or create something but on planning stage , want to escape from technical and practical stage on any kind of engineering applied science

the luckiest thing is I work for 4 years on position as an engineering department HR specialist , I found that I have personal and business communication skills  , negotiation skills , management skills , leadership skills

so I want to make an access on HR career world + my engineering back ground , so let me know which position names or career can I fuse my engineering mind with HR experience , or how can I do that ? or give me some suggestions and recommendation

thanks and best regards


Thank you for your question.

HR is a complex field.  It is complex to getting  work done, to assist in moving the business forward, to add value, and to be a leader in HR, as it requires influence.  Influence is important as to add value the HR person must positively impact the culture, employee morale, and management behavior and practice.  It is difficult as the organization leaders do not report to HR but HR must “move” them in the right directions.  If you have the skills you listed in your question -- management, leadership, negotiations and communications, you have a terrific base to work in HR.  Don’t forget listening… as you have to know “where the people and organization are”, what needs to be changed, before you can create and implement a plan to improve the conditions and business.

I suggest you consider the compensation department in a large organization.  Small organizations do not have compensation departments or specialists.  Although in small plants and companies, the same skills, knowledge and competencies are needed so a highly talented HR generalist’s position requires a highly evolved knowledge of the compensation field.  

I suggest the compensation department for many reasons.  It directly touches the entire organization. It requires coaching managers and leaders on related policy and practice so you automatically interface with the entire organization.  It takes great communications ability to explain compensation policy and practice.  It touches every employee in the business.  It is technical in that graphing and statistical analysis are required to design, install, maintain, and measure how effectively the managers are using the system, how effective the system is in paying for performance,  and to make sure the system is market competitive.  It touches new hires as well as all on-board employees.

The easiest way to get into a large corporation is to network.  So sharpen up your resume, target it to the skills you have related to compensation work as discussed above, create a list of friends, colleagues, family, etc. who work in large corporations or know people who do.  Use that list to network into a compensation position.  You can use social media effectively as well, it of course touches a huge and diverse population.

That is my advice AO.  I would appreciate it if you would take a minute and evaluate this answer on the website.  There are only five questions.  So it is quick!

Best of luck in your career search and direction.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you sir for your guidance and appreciation of my question

but I have another one , whats your opinion about international HR certificate for instance

1- HRBP human resource business professional

2- HRMP human resource management professional


is this certification is important to build up my career path on HR , also what those certificate ll add to me , is it ll weight my compensation on market , is it required on market internationally ?

thanks and best regards


At some point experience surpasses the value of education.  Your best bet is to obtain an HR position and gain experience.  Do that first.  Then, enroll in certificate programs and school while you are working.  The combination of working and gaining experience in HR and attending school simultaneously is a powerful combination.

The certificates are valuable but not as valuable as gaining experience, delivering outstanding / exceptional performance on the job, and being promoted to higher level positions. The certificates have little value in and of themselves unless accompanied by experience.  The certificates are knowledge.  Knowledge is only valuable to a business if it can be successfully applied.

I hope that helps AO.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: OK but as I said to you before I has working  as HR specialist for 4 years , is that enough to obtain certificate for support , can you list me positions name I can search for , as you said on first conversation the HR is complex field

last thing

can I work as HR whatever manager , specialist ,consultant , etc ........................

as a freelancer or independent contractor or part time ???????????????????

I like innovation also I hate working full time status , I hate daily routine and discipline , I like to work on project and finish and enter other project on other place also I practice arts like creative writing , dancing , modelling , art design ,,,else this kind of work didn't let me  work as full time , I want to be more freely , I secure myself for investing my career path on HR and also engineering qualification because you know arts career is insecure and not rewarded all the time it depend on chances more than handwork   , so I need to work as an HR  whatever monthly contract , year contract , weekly contract , etc...................

if the answer yes , please whats the requirement to reach that also how can I find that ?

thanks and best regards

Hi AO!
You have experience.  But only you can determine if you have the skill, knowledge, and competency sets to apply for an HR job, or, consult in an HR specialty.  I cannot advise you as to what specific position as I do not know your HR experience (benefits, compensation, employment law, communications, etc).   From what you have told me I would suggest you look for an HR supervisor’s position but work as a consulting HR specialist, focusing on the HR areas that you are confident in… areas where you have knowledge, skills, competencies .  

I am a consultant.  Consulting provides the freedom and flexibility to work when you want to and to focus on other things as you listed (writing, dancing, modelling, art design and so on). Here in the USA there are agencies that specialize in sourcing HR people, Engineers, Finance people so possibly you have similar agencies in your country.  If so you can source your work through them.

Another alternative is to find an HR supervisors position in a large company and work that position full time as you build your external consulting work.

I wish you the best AO!


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