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hello sir

I m confronting a problem want to benefit from your experience for solving it

" I have a bachelor degree on electronics and communication system engineering , during my last years studies , I found that I tend to abstract science not to applied science "

I like and clever also excelled on all kind of mathematics , physics , mechanics , communication systems , but on theories and design I mean abstractly using pen,papers,sketches,manuals,specification,calculations,researches,books

but I hate

using my hand on work for instance

using electronic board - electronic components - avometer - any measuring tools - thin wires - cables - electronics equipment -  microprocessors - micro controller except theoretical part - programming language like c,c++,............

all jobs I faced required some one has practical skills or at least has readiness to learn practically the things I mentioned above

frankly I haven't readiness to do or just think to do that , there was one trial before by imposing myself to do that but I  feeling pain so I quit

noticed that I studied satellite communication - mobile communication - data transfer and computer network also fiber optics design

I want to be a designer , using theories or create something but on planning stage , want to escape from technical and practical stage on any kind of engineering applied science

the luckiest thing is I work for 4 years on position as an engineering department HR specialist , I found that I have personal and business communication skills  , negotiation skills , management skills , leadership skills

so I want to make an access on HR career world + my engineering back ground , so let me know which position names or career can I fuse my engineering mind with HR experience , or how can I do that ? or give me some suggestions and recommendation

also please let me know your opinion about international professional certificate like HRMP human resource management professional , HRBP human resource business professional , which one fit my above case

thanks and best regards

What a wonderful mess. :-)

This is a great problem to have. I would suggest you look at the world of Big Data in the talent management field. Working with HR Analytics and HR Processes could give your engineering mind a chance to be critical and apply the theories of HR and building talent into the work of planning how businesses move into the future.

That is the simple answer to your first question.

As for the HRMP and HRBP, they are both very valuable and both very good to study, however which one is better than the other, is a different story. They are both equally valuable but they both address a slightly different aspect of "Generalist HR" professions. Both of them address the full spectrum of HR as opposed to specialized areas that I mentioned in HR Analytics and Talent.

You might find that a generalist certification such as a SPHR might be easier than a HRMP or HRBP, also you may want to look at CIPD which is the organization out of the UK. They have some other certifications that are closer to what you're looking at.

Good luck, let me know what else I can help you with.

Best Regards,  

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