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I m working foe 4.5 yrs ago on managing and recruiting crew members
working on-board oil service sea vessels (50 vessel and 700 persons
manage them alone) , this kind of work activities let me detect that I
have the following skills :

- personal communication skills
- negotiations skills
- fast and creative problem solver
- photographic memory
- management skills
- leadership skills
- work under pressure
- planning and organizational skills

I want to assure if the mentioned skills can  let me open an career on
HR , if yes how can I start that or apply for HR jobs despite of I
didn't work as an HR before

2- how can I write proposal to cooperation for working as HR
specialist regarding to mentioned skills above

2- does I have to support my skills with MBA or diplomas  ?  if yes
which is better from your point of experienced view a) mini-MBA on HR
 or b) HR intensive diploma ????????????

require your full guidance and advise

thanks and best regards

Hi Ahmed
The work that you are doing is likely to develop the skills that you have mentioned. It is indeed heartening to see someone realize his strengths & want to search for roles that leverage those strengths.

The skills/ strengths that you have mentioned are crucial life skills & are applicable in several roles, not just HR.

So, I am wondering what got you to consider HR as a career field. There is perhaps something that you find interesting in HR (as you see it) that attracts you to HR. It is important to understand what attracts you. That will give a clue about how you could approach the job market to get that role.

For example if you have enjoyed the recruitment role and want to do more of it, there are opportunities of becoming a recruitment manager (within the HR team) or becoming a recruitment consultant who gets people for other organizations (though this also requires some business development skills in addition to the skills you have mentioned). So, please do think about it.

Secondly, I presume you are seeking jobs in the job market in your country. Different countries have different education requirements for a given function. For example, in India, many organizations would look for a professionally qualified person in HR to give them a role in HR. How is it in your country. That will determine the kind of additional courses you need to do to get a break in this field. Even if you are open to working in other countries, chances are a professional qualification will help unless you have a proven track record of working in a function for a few years.

Hope this helps in your decision making. Do revert with your thoughts & I will be happy to respond further. All the best.

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