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hello dear

I m working foe 4.5 yrs ago on managing and recruiting crew members
working on-board oil service sea vessels (50 vessel and 700 persons
manage them alone) , this kind of work activities let me detect that I
have the following skills :

- personal communication skills
- negotiations skills
- fast and creative problem solver
- photographic memory
- management skills
- leadership skills
- work under pressure
- planning and organizational skills

I want to assure if the mentioned skills can  let me open an career on
HR , if yes how can I start that or apply for HR jobs despite of I
didn't work as an HR before

2- how can I write proposal to cooperation for working as HR
specialist regarding to mentioned skills above

2- does I have to support my skills with MBA or diplomas  ?  if yes
which is better from your point of experienced view a) mini-MBA on HR
 or b) HR intensive diploma ????????????

require your full guidance and advise

thanks and best regards

Hello Ahmed,
Thanks for your questions!

You have good experience and skills.  What you need now is a good resume (proposal) highlighting those skills and others that apply to HR.  So you can do a bit of research and find great model resumes to work with… I just “googled” “examples of good HR resumes” and found several examples.  So use those to sculpt your resume.  You should also research for good cover letter examples.  And remember the best way into a company and interview is through networking.  Many HR and other positions do not make it into a social or public forum. So list your contacts and work through them… peers, friends, relatives, etc.

What HR course to take, depends on what you would like to specialize in in the HR field.  By far, the best paying and providing a good pathway to top executive HR positions is the compensation and benefits track.  However, HR generalists who are skilled in multi-facets of HR can also occupy positions at the top as well, in many companies reporting to the CEO.

In the end either distance or on-campus curriculum will work to further your education.  I am not sure there is a great difference.  If you earn the degree you earn the degree.
But you can’t learn everything in school.  It is the practical work world, on the job experience, that is the best teacher.  The degree(s) will open the door for you.  My advice would be to find a job in the HR field and return to school while you work to earn the HR degree.  As you work in the HR field your experiences will help guide you into your preferred career track – Compensation and Benefits, Generalist, Employee Relations, Training and Development, etc.

Good luck to you!!!


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