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Applied for Unemployment in Tennessee Feb 14 2014.Today is Mar 31 2014 and a decision has still not been made.I have been doing weekly certs as required and job search.How much longer should I have to wait and why is there no real person to talk to about this matter when I call their number.Is there someone else perhaps I should contact.

There is a one week waiting period before they start the claim process, you do not receive benefits for this.

After they start the claim process you can check on where your claim is at by going online or calling the call line. You should receive a letter of determination in the mail.

You may go online or call the TIPS line to
check the status of your claim.
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TIPS Line Numbers:
1. Nashville (615) 532-1800
2. Other Tennessee Areas: 1-800-689-9799
3. Out of State Claimants: 1-800-262-8094

If your claim is denied than you can appeal by calling or going online

You must submit your appeal within 15 days of the
mail date on your Letter of Determination.
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There are several ways you can file your appeal:
1. Online:
2. By fax: (615) 741-8933
3. By mailing a letter to:
         Appeals Tribunal
         TN Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development
         220 French Landing Drive
         Nashville, TN 37243-1002

If you wish to call a real person use this number:

Employment Security Division
Unemployment Claims Center    
Ph: 1-877-813-0950

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