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Hello. Thanks for taking time to answer my question.

BACKGROUND: I am 62.5 years old. The company I work for is having problems, not making enough profits so they have laid off some people. There are 3 of us left in the department I work in as a graphic artist. They hired a new graphic artist 6 months ago and give him the choice work. And I get the left overs. And now my biggest project has been cancelled. So I am expecting to either get laid-off, transferred to another department where they might have more work, or just slowly phased out and maybe they hope I will retire at the end of the year.There is no evidence of age discrimination as all employees involved are over 50 years old.

My question is what recourse or course of action do I have or should I take? How do I deal with this situation that is obviously against me? I feel like I am being "herded" into the jobless coral, forced to retire, or moved into something I don't want to do. Should I retire? Should I hope that they let me go and collect unemployment and Social Security (if that is allowed in my state of Illinois), or just take what they offer me, if they do, in fact offer me another position?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks again!

This is becoming a problem for the baby boomer population everywhere. If you are layed off you can draw social security and unemployment at the same time as long as you are looking for another job.

The other options depend on you and how you feel about retiring or continuing to work. I would try to hold out until at least 63 of course you cannot draw full social security until 66. If you can live on the amount at 63 you might wish to retire. If not than you might wish to see if you can transfer or hold out in your job until 66 when you can draw full social security. You can also discuss this with the company.


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