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Q: Monthly salary sheet of employees is generally prepared by Payroll staff(s). Payroll staffs can either be found in Accounting or HR depending on how the company sets it up. Where should payroll staff(s) will sit within an organization has been a topic of much debate at present days. I, as a BBA & MBA holder with major in HRM, , know, according to my little knowledge & understanding about competitive market environment, that many organizations now prefer to set up the strategy of combination of two or more departments (like 'HRD & Admin' or 'HR & Account section' etc) which remain under one In-Charge. They do it in order to minimize expenses of pay of more than one In-Charges. It is the case about within which department payroll staff(s) will sit. But if we pay no heed to the strategy of the contemporary organizations and come to the pure theoretical view of job of HR or Accounting/Finance and want to make responsible for their self job responsibilities, then upon whose shoulder of the two above departments will the task of preparing complete sheet of payroll be-- HR Clerk/Officer or Accounts Clerk/Officer? I have never found any book or article wherein it is mentioned that preparing monthly payroll sheet/salary sheet of the employees is a job of any HR clerk/Officer. I am not asking about where payroll will sit, rather asking whether payroll function is a job of any HR clerk/Officer or not? Please clarify. [Redwan]

Dear Redwan,

Hope you're doing fine.

The HR depends on the size of the Organisation these days. If the company is smaller the basic job of HR such as payroll etc. may be looked after by Accounts but usually it's HR's job.

In salary, the calculation of attendance, leave  marking etc. is solely done by HR only. However when the salary work is complete it's accounts job to check and verify the calculations so there is no discrepancy. After verification of salary, accounts department processes the salary cheque and complete necessary booking of entries in accounting software and then finally salary is transferred to employees' account or it's paid through cheque depending on company's policy.

I hope the above is clear to you.

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