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QUESTION: After clearing the interview process without any flaw, I am now selected for a very good designation as a permanent employee, by the new employer which is a reputed Multinational Company.During the Joining process , HR asked me for a relieving letter from my old employer, without that he said he will not disclose the intended offer,i convinced him to give me 2 weeks of time to figure it out as i don't have the relieving letter.he also asked me weather there was a full and final settlement from old employer or not and my answer was no.i informed the reason why i left my old employer suddenly without serving the notice period.

on 2013 i left old employer informing my process team leader on phone about my health issues for which it will take long time to recover,for almost 1 year i didn't had any communication with them as i was very ill.Now when i contacted my old employer for relieving letter and experience letter,they deny to give me stating the reason that i was absconding and i was terminated 7 days after that.

i was unemployed for almost a year , Now i am in a lot of pain because i have a life changing opportunity now and i am stuck for this relieving letter.i have all the necessary educational documents,pay slips,bank statement of old employer's salary account offer letter of old employer.i will be very generous of you if you can help me with your expert advice on how to approach the old employer and new employer in a way that would make a solution. i am curios to know intention of new employer for asking relieving letter and intention behind asking full and final settlement was done with the old employer or not?

Thank You Mr. Umesh

ANSWER: Dear Santosh,

Hope you're doing fine now.

It would have been great if you have would have at-least posted a letter informing your employer for your inability to attend office preferably attaching a medical certificate but you didn't.

I would suggest you to approach your previous employer and make a humble request for release of your experience certificate and full and final settlement (if any). I don't think this is possible in just one attempt; you need to approach them a number of times as there is no other way out.

Please also clarify for how many months and years you have worked in your previous Organisation.

Warm regards,

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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Umesh

i am ok. Thank you for your reply. I Know i did a mistake and i am regretting for that .i was bound by circumstances.As per your advice, i attempted to make a full and final settlement and paid in lieu of notice period , I got the relieving letter which states the reason as unscheduled absenteeism, because of this conduct , new employer rejected me before joining stating "We dont encourage this according to the company policies" . I was rejected from another interview in HR round in an another Company stating the same reason.

i was thinking this the end , is it ? , will i be able to do a job anywhere in the near future ? .it would be very kind of you if you suggest me what i should do/inform about this while giving an interview.


Dear Santosh,

Hope you're doing fine.

Don't loose hope. I always feel something happens for a reason and the reason is always good. There are good companies who will still consider you because of your abilities and experience and not just the relieving certificate. Just be honest.

Good luck Santosh, my best wishes are with you.

warm regards,  

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