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Q: Sir, I am an Assistant Manager & In-Charge (HR Department) in a `Medical College & Hospitalí. There, many employees (permanent/temporary/contractual) of different levels leave their jobs without giving prior notice or information of their resignation to the competent authority although it is mentioned in their respective appointment letters that they have to inform about their resignation minimum one month prior to of the date of their release (or if it is not mentioned for the temporary/contractual employees, it is only for a general rule). But after some days or months of their release from service, they contact HR Department or Account Division and demand their salary of the days they served along with PF accrued. Our organization has no clear rule in this regard, so our competent authority gives salary & PF to some one (specially to the higher level like Doctors or somehow relatives or staffs possessing relation) and not gives to some one (like mid or lower level staffs how has no power to do anything), according to what he wishes. How shall I deal with the staffs who are deprived and what should I explain?

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I am not sure what are the rules and regulations in your Country; but for workman and above cadre appointment letter is considered an important basis.

Usually any departing employee should inform the reporting manager and HR about resignation giving some specific time which is mentioned in appointment letter of employee that is called as notice period; Say an employee has a notice period of 30 days then he should give resignation in writing in about giving 30 days of notice period. In case employee fails to serve notice of 30 days or whatever number of days of shortfall, in lieu of that the appropriate amount may be deducted from employee's salary in his full and final settlement. A full and final settlement is mandatory.

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