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Human Resources/Task of preparing Salary statement handed over from Account Section to HR Dept.


QUESTION: Q: I have been employed as ‘HR-In-Charge’, for a certain unsound amount (which I agreed with at the time of my employement) of monthly salary, in a ‘Medical College and Hospital’. There, maintaining all functions belonging to HR independently is very much tough & critical because of unexpected intervention of the upper level authority (including the authority having lower class qualification, poor knowledge on Admin & HR and  the tendency of oppressing to the mid-level & lower level employees). There I am the only one in HR Department who do all of it, finding no other Helping-Hand in HR Department. I don’t know how long I have to go on with lonely. By the buy, I am paid there for only HR responsibility. In the mean time, the now in-charge of account section is leaving his job with ours. Now question is, if the authority wants me to handover the whole task of preparing complete salary sheet of all staffs (not other income & expenses) from the account section by saying that ‘Preparing salary sheet of staffs is actually the task of HRD because of confidentiality and that is why, as HR-In-Charge, you have to do it for your same salary as we are not actually increasing your task of HRD, is it righteous in the light of your knowledge? Note that if preparing complete salary sheet is a part of HR Department, then they may handover it to me for my same salary. But if it is not, then can I demand extra salary for doing some extra job belonging to account section? [Md. Redwan Reza, Bangladesh]

ANSWER: Salary sheets are generally prepared by Payroll.  Payroll can either be found in Accounting or HR depending on how the company sets it up. If you are only being paid for HR duties and now must do payroll duties as well than you should be compensated extra. If you are simply doing timesheets and someone else is dooing payroll than that is not a large job and you should not expect extra payment.


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QUESTION: Q:    Sir, you answered to my previous question by saying that 'Salary sheets are generally prepared by Payroll. Payroll can either be found in Accounting or HR depending on how the company sets it up'. Sir, I, according to my little knowledge & understanding about competitive market environment, know that many organizations now prefer to set up the strategy of combination of two or more departments (like 'HRD & Admin' or 'HR & Account section' etc) which remain under one In-Charge. They do it in order to minimize expenses of pay of more than one In-Charges. But if we come to the pure theoretical view of job description of HR or Account Division and want to make responsible for their self job responsibilities, then upon whose shoulder of the two above departments will the task of preparing complete sheet of payroll be -  Staff(s) of HR or Accounts?

I still say it is a companies decision where they wish the responsibility to lie.

In my company I started out in Accounting doing payroll timesheets. I am now in HR doing payroll timesheets.  I moved departments and the responsibility moved with me.

Actually the supervisors have the responsibility to oversee their employee's timesheets and than I simply check to be sure they are done correctly before my staff prepares payroll.

I started as Payroll clerk, took on A/P than I was payroll and A/P. Than I became Payroll Administrator. After that I took on HR duties and I was Payroll/HR Administrator. Then I finished my HR credentials and I became HR Administrator and moved up to HR Director.

As Payroll I was under the Accounting manager, when I moved to HR I was my own department of HR but I kept payroll duties.

I think payroll timesheet duties could fit either in Accounting or in Human Resources. It shoule be in the department that processes payroll.


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