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QUESTION: Dear Umesh

Do you consider Merger with another co as a better alternative than a VRS scheme introduced by the private sector cos?.


ANSWER: Dear Prashant,

Hope you are doing good.

Merger is always a good option in my opinion if you want to still work and continue with your on-going career but to tell you which is better over the other what kind of package or benefits are there in VRS, knowing that is important.

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QUESTION: Dear Umesh


I would like to know from the employer's point of view regarding both the options 1 Merge with another co 2 Offer VRS scheme to employees.


Dear Prashant,

Hope you're doing good.

This is my personal opinion. Company A has 1000 employees and Company B has 4000 employees. Company A due to some reasons got merged with Company B, now the total headcount of both Companies A and B stands at 5000. Obviously there will be many departments which will do duplicate jobs or Company B has to strengthen its team to take care of another 1000 employees and engage them for its core business perspectives but that doesn't happen all the time therefore VRS option for certain group of employees looks appropriate.  

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