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Hi Sir ,

I have completed my BTech in Computer Sc in 2012 and have been part of a technology team in a reputed firm since then. However , over the last some time I see my inclination towards the HCM(human capital management) division. I discussed the same with one of my friend in the firm who moved to HCM aswell but at a senior role and he suggested to go for the Business Partner Role which involves working across different divisions and people(which I love to do). However , before I take this step in my career I have a few questions -
1. Since I do not have any educational/work-ex background in HR - does it impact my career if I take this move considering my firm allows this?
2. What is the scope of Business Partner Role in current market specially in India ?
3. I aspire to do the best in this field . What are the options/courses/qualifications I can look at after the move in parallel or full time in India or abroad ? I can go for a full time in may be 1-2 years after I gain experience in my firm.Suggestions?

Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you in advance ,

Hi Swati
Good to read that you have found your inclination. Blessed are those who find it in their life and are willing to pursue it.

What is good is that your current organization is willing to give you a lateral shift to that role - that too in a business partner role. That is an important role in the field of HR and is useful to be done in one's career in HR. Getting a first hand experience will be useful when you choose to go to a professional qualification.

Having a professional qualification will help in strengthening your concepts in this field and open up further opportunities at perhaps a faster pace than just gathering experience in this field and then building on that.

Not that it cannot be done through that route. However, if you can get a full time MBA in HR it will be useful. Otherwise there are courses in HR conducted by Middle Earth HR and management development programs  by various reputed management institutes that can also aid to your learning in this field.

As you gather more experience you can consider other specialized courses depending on the fields you want to choose within HR (generalist or specialist) and the financial investment you can make in furthering your learning. Also, based on your performance, your organization may also be willing to sponsor certain courses.

Hope this helps. Do revert if you want me to clarify or expand on any aspect. Happy to do so. All the best.



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