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Hello Shirley,

thank you for helping the community out.  We appreciate it.

I would like to contact HR/PD Managers about expanding their PD Plan to include a new activity (e.g. attend an online course).  My company has created courses and provides user licences.  If you were sitting at your desk in an HR manager role, which of the following would be your preferred method to hearing from someone about such a topic:

a)  receive a cold call with quick overview of the course and ask if they can be set up with a free trial or demonstration
b)  same as a) but via email.
c) receive an email from a co-worker from within your company that has already used the course and enlightens you about the company and the benefits of adding this to the PD plan.

If you have any tips about what should be included in a first email/call to break the ice that would be great.

I create and sell education courses to engineers to help them attain their professional licence process in Canada.  So far I have sold directly to customers (B2C).   In 2016 I will focus on B2B and work with HR or Professional Development (PD) Managers at companies with mostly engineers.  I would like set up a yearly licencing arrangement so that the engineers in their company can access these courses, and have the HR/PD Manager amend their PD Plans to include a requirement to take the course(s).

I would prefer either B or C because I receive so many emails every day that I cannot catch all of them. If they are not from someone I know or one I am waiting on I probably would delete it.

I do not have engineers, mostly  I have call center employees, however sounds like a good plan.


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