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QUESTION: I had an incident at a store last week which left me both extremely distressed and offended.

The incident involved the store manager. The store is part of an extremely large company.

I had been ASKED quite adamantly by an employee to apply for credit. I did not wish too but I did.

A MONTH later I retuned and wished to check on the application statues. I asked for the young lady who took it. The manager was not helpful nor were any other employees.

I asked him when the employee would be there to which he said Thursday. Thursday came and still no employee but the manager did alert me that my application hadn't been approved. Funny how he didn't check the statues via computer.

The next day I went in to buy a Christmas gift for my sister. The manager approached me and his body language made me very nervous. He seemed to not want to deal with wished to get rid of me. He had a very obvious look on his face that he was not interested in helping me.

I picked a ring and then went to pay for it. After that I asked if the young lady had ever returned since she'd been out all week.

At this point he approached me and said that it was odd I asked about her so often and how it was scary. I replied sir I've only come in and asked twice. He then seemed to indicate he'd report me for something and mentioned I walked past the store a lot.

I've been going to that mall for five years and must walk by there to get to the other end. As I've only been in that store a total of 5 times, three of which I told them I'd be back I find it odd they were keeping track of my movements.

At this point I could have asked for a refund but didn't. Instead I offered the manager the untouched drink I had with me. He seemed to insinuate it could be drugged. Sir I can name ten mall EMPLOYEES whom I get food for. To this day I've drugged no one. Also why buy a 61 dollar item if I was just "stalking" someone. I'm not rich and make a very small income. My friend who the gift was for can attest it was for her.

My question is how would human resources or most corporations deal with this type of incident.

It is indeed unfortunate that such an incident happened. There seems to be some gap in understanding by the store manager. Also, I wonder if the person who insisted that you take credit (and I presume you mean credit card) was actually a store employee.

Nevertheless, the behavior seems to be extremely customer unfriendly. Organizations that believe in customer service and valuing customers would put in place mechanisms of training their team on what great customer service means (starting with recruiting those who hold the value of being customer friendly & focused). Also, they would have mechanisms to tracking customer experiences either through viewing CCTV footage &/ or by taking formal feedback from the customer &/ or providing a route for the customers to place a complaint about a bad experience etc.

Once they get to know they would act. Again there could be several ways in which they address these situations - from apologizing to the customer to offering something in return as an apology to taking action on the erring employee. What way they choose will depend on the extent of seriousness they have for the customers' experience.

I do not know if you experienced any of the complaint tracking/ logging mechanisms. If you did and have not utilized them to bring the experience to their notice, then I am afraid that not much can be done. However, if you have raised the issue and there is no response from the organization, you can go to a consumer forum, if there is one in your area.

Hope this helps in dealing with the issue. Do revert if you want me to clarify any aspect or have further queries on this. All the best.



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QUESTION: Yes I was on the store video camera.

They also have the credit application on file which includes my social security number etc. It was taken 4 or more weeks ago. Maybe 3.

When I bought the ring they also took my name, address, number etc.

So I can indeed name the dates the incident happen and prove I was there if that's what you mean.

Thank you for your help. Sadly many people here have this kind of attitude toward business and costumer care.

Hi Raul
Since all details exist, you may want to consider writing in to or calling their customer service department in case they have one and intimating them about the experience. In case they are concerned about customer experience, they will respond. If not, then as you said, it will be yet a bunch of people with the undesirable attitude towards business & customer care.

Hope this moves forward into an experience recovery situation. All the best.



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