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dear sir,

now my age is 35 single. not yet married. im continuously studying and  concentrating on my professional improvement.i dont know about my marriage plans.
if i take a decision to be  single then what type of problems i have to encounter in my office (software MNC).

particularly on salary hike matter , how my unmarried status will affect.

im not going to disclose what im doing after 8pm.

but lot of possibilities to imagine as they wish. please tell me what to do

To get married or not is a personal decision and HR or company for that matter will intervene in this.

Since you are working in software mnc ensure that you are available in case of need even after 8 pm.  You need not disclose what you do after the office working hours, it is your choice and no body can influence you.

For salary hike your performance on the job is the number 1 criterion and not your personal life.

You can keep to yourself what you wish to do with your life and I personally do not feel that will impact your career or hikes



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