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QUESTION: Hello Sir my name is atul i am a call center executive i was 19 when i started working in a call center for supporting my education financially since i was always passionate about Hr as a domain i wanted to b one today i am 27 yrs old graduate and mastered into HR from pune from a small average institute and now i wanna start my hr career but i have few question in my mind which are given below request you to help me with answering them.

1)I currently earn 20 thousand but to start an Hr job people are not ready to hire me because i am asking for minimum 20k and organisation ready to hire me are barely offering me 10-12k is it ok to compramise with salary @ this point and switch to Hr if i want to.

2)I am not getting hired into companies but just hr consultancies are ready to hire me is that experience valid.

3)will i gain an upper hand in longer run if i give 100% dedication to learn and gain a better HR job

4)should i compromise with my designation as an hr professional because i want to be an all rounder and dont want to restrict my self into one special area of hr so is it good to have one specialization or i should get hired as a trainee and work where ever i get to work under any dept into hr (eg-Hr recruitment is one special area so should i go for one area or work into any multiple hr fields)

ANSWER: Dear Atul
That was a brave decision to start off at the age of 19 and then get into HR. You have mentioned that you did masters from Pune in HR. Was that a full time course or a part time course. In today's day, the type of course and type of institute have an impact on the initial break that an individual gets.

You have been getting 20k for the experience that you bring. Changing a field and trying another organization could lead to a situation where you may have to take a drop in earning and designation as a start point. This can be worth it if the organization provides you good learning and you develop yourself well through dedication and learning a lot. However, if the organization is not as good, then it can lead to a slower growth and you will need to climb the ladder all over again.

The better bet is if your current organization can give you a role switch into HR. That will give you the opportunity to experience the field as well as maintain your seniority.

Hope this helps in thinking through better. In case you have further queries or want me to clarify any aspect do write back. I will be happy to respond. All the best.



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QUESTION: Dear sir,
Thanks for you motivation i appreciate it, there are yet come points that i would like to discuss,my organisation is a corporate MNC so only way i can move to HR in my current company is through an IJP which i dont see happening in future as well ,in last 6 years of my tenure i have never seen any ijp for support enabling units like HR marketing and finance administration etc , so no i have no other option then quitting this company moreover getting into another organisation and getting dropped into salary and designation is yet OK for me but

1) is it assured that i will get growth if i give my 100% to that job,

2) since i have completed my degree from a small institute but its a two year full time masters degree affiliated to university of pune which i cleared with first division that is 67 % allows me to have a better career prospect into hr.

3)the place that i have worked with just to give you an overview , i am a sr executive with operations however looking @ my desire to learn new thing i started conducting quality forums,elementary level for coaching ,mentoring,feedback and also conducted training product and lil bit of cultural training do you think these life and professional skills may help me in future HR job.

4)as per your advise that you gave me how do i judge that the new organisation that i am going to join is good in terms of my learning and growth any few tips how do i research and hunt for a good company.

5) to begin with company are not ready to hire me can i instead work into consultancy and internship or contract @ a low pay .

6) i want to be an all rounder in hr and dont want to restrict my self to a particular genre so i as an HR professional want to do hiring, training's,payroll,grievance & business hr stuff how can i learn all of them @ ones or should n go for any one of them what would be your suggestion.


Dear Atul
I understand the constraints in an MNC where movements will be determined by IJP being available. It can be difficult indeed.

The fact that you have initiated various forums would have given you some experience and will be useful in your search for a new role & organization (assuming you have demonstrated some results from those initiatives.)

Having said that, the reality also is that there are many MBA graduates in HR from several universities coming out every year. An initial opportunity is often influenced by the institute one has come out from. Later on, it is the quality of work that the person does & the learning the person takes away that influences the opportunities & growth. Yet there is no assurance that there will be growth if one give it 100% in the way one wants to see growth happening.

One way to check if the company will give learning and growth is to ask to ask them whether they move people around to different roles & if so on what criteria. If they are not clear about that, then chances are that learning will get restricted soon. Also, understand what are the kind of roles they have. If it is a large organization with multiple roles and they are willing to move people around, then there is a chance of learning new things & therefore growing. However, if it is an organization with one kind of role, then chances of learning will get restricted after a point.

To that extent, working in a placement consultant firm can have limitations in terms of available roles unless you start enjoying the work of placement in which case there can be good growth in that field. In such an organization you can then check how salary will grow (they may have incentives in addition to fixed salary). Then a lower start will not matter. However, if you want to do multiple kind of work (as you have stated), then a placement organization will have limited learning. Also post that you may get opportunity in the field of recruitment only in other organizations.

Hope this helps in your decision making. Do revert if you have further queries. All the best.



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