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I am ritesh and I am currently working as an assistant at a local firm, I've been working here for the last 2 years.
Its an OK job, but recently I've applied for a new better job that requires for me to pass an exam.

Its a really good opportunity and I really want to go for it. The thing is I need time to prepare but with the current schedule its not possible.

I cannot discuss this at workplace because they won't like a guy wanting time to prepare for a better job from people at current job

So my two options are either to quit or take a sick leave.
Quitting seems difficult because I am afraid that if I couldn't clear the exam, I'd be jobless and will be hard to find a new job

sickness(lying) again is troublesome, as they may want proof or take some legal action etc

what should I do

thank you

ANSWER: Hi Ritesh
Your predicament is understandable. The concern of not getting a job should you not make it to the new job despite quitting & the challenge of not having time to prepare while at work, can be quite painful.

Having said that, what I am not clear is about the time that you believe you need to prepare for the exam for the new job. Do you have any estimate about the same. Also, is sick leave the only leave choice available. Normally in most organizations, there are options of casual leave, privilege leave & leave without pay. Are those options not there for you?

Once you know your time estimate for preparation and the leave options available, you could perhaps come to a different solution for your predicament.

Do revert with your responses and if required, I will be happy to give further perspective to your situation. All the best.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for ur reply
Although its a certification exam
the company is hiring now
A friend on mine said that I need to clear the exam before He can get me in.
He may manage to keep a place vacant, I need at least 20 days

And if take sick leave for that long, they'll be unpaid

Problem is How do I put it, so that my employer doesn't sniff out that I am taking leave so that I can quit

Hi Ritesh
Glad that you can manage the preparation for the exam in 20 days. You have not responded to my earlier questions on whether you have only sick leave available or are there other leaves available to your credit - such as PL or casual leave?

Also, looks like unpaid leave is a possibility. Why would you not exercise that?

You have also mentioned that it is a certification exam. Will clearing this exam be useful in your current role in the current organization? If yes, then you have a valid reason for taking time off - to further your self development which is also in the interest of your current organization.

Even if it is not useful to your current organization, is it so difficult to take unpaid leave to further one's own development?

I sense that there are some aspects that are impacting your decision that you have not shared. If yes, will be grateful if you can share those for me to give any other perspective for this situation.

If not, then I am hoping that the above response will help you decide. All the best.



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