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Human Rights/Universalism vs. cultural relativism


Hi, my name is Rain a Mass Communication student from the Philippines. I just want to ask, what is your opinion about Universalism VS. Cultural Relativism and as an expert in your field, which would be the best for a nation in achieving human rights, Is it the implementation of the Univeralism doctrine or the retention of cultural relativism in a country?

Hope you find time answering my questions. Thank you.

Human Rights were promoted in depth by Jesus, who taught that the foundation for human rights and all morality is that we should treat other people as we want them to treat us.  This is the foundation for human rights and, it is clearly based on our shared human conscience, as similar "golden rules" and similar base laws against murder, adultery, theft and false witness appear all over the historical map, clearly demonstrating like the Bible says, that God has written his law on the hearts of humanity.  The teachings of Jesus are by far the best source for human rights known to history.

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