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Yes. My wife has just had a baby at the hospital this past Friday.  She had a c section. Wet came home.Sunday. She was.feeling might headed for the past two days. She decided to go to the   ER .  Coming  to find out, her blood count was low from her surgery from the birth of our child. They do not suppose to release a  patient from surgery until their  blood level I'd leveled. Anything child of happened to my wife had not she went on her own term to get herself checked. Is there a lawsuit behind that.

You always should consult a lawyer regarding any legal issue.  It is not wise to take legal advice over the internet or from someone not familiar with your particular place of residence.  I recommend you contact the state bar and ask them to recommend a lawyer who specializes in your particular area.  You can usually get an initial consultation to find out if you have a legitimate case for either no cost or a small amount.

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