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I heard that female have the right to kick/knee/hit males in the groin if the males say something the female doesn't like. is that true?

or if a male decides to press charges, that they can't win. is it true?

Women can say they feared a physical attack, claiming this is why they used force against a male.  Whether or not this is true, is a matter of what is called "he said/she said", which is essentially unwinnable for a male against a female in a court of law if there are no witnesses to what actually happened.  In such cases, judges tend to either decide against both sides and dismiss the case or decide in favor of the woman, since women are much more likely to be attacked then men and overall, they tend to be not be as physically strong and thus, they have a right to fear being attacked.  If no one witnessed the incident, then judges (and juries) will usually either side with a woman if she claims she feared for her safety or, side with neither the man or the woman and dismiss the case--it mainly depends on how convincing the story is from each side, if there is otherwise no other evidence.  

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