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QUESTION: Definition of Human 1. A member of the genus Homo and especially of the species H. sapiens.

If people ask me if I'm human I saw no. I say I am a Man not a human. Meaning as a Man I'm a member of the divine creation and not a descendant of the monkey/ape family.

Anyway ... Why do I need a license to drive? A license is permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal. Why do I need a license to get married, fish and on and on? I believe that if one uses the status of human or shows government issued ID they are basically identifying themselves to government agents as either an ape/monkey or as a government employee who is subject to acts,codes and statutes ...

I don't want a license of any sort, I believe everything is based on contract law and if there is no contract then there is no agreement of parties and no obligation to perform unless one consents to identifying themselves as such and subjecting themselves to those acts/codes and statutes.

Do you see flaws in my understanding?
Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: I'll try to take these one at a time, because they represent different issues:

As far as you being a human being, modern scientists do not agree with each other what actually defines a true modern human being, dating the rise of true human beings anywhere between the rise of farming, about 9000 or so years ago, to as long as over 200,000 years ago, while the majority opinion ranges between 30-80,000 years ago--however, the majority opinion of science has often later been proven to be wrong.  The Bible defines a true modern human being in the likeness of Adam, as arising around the tail end of farming, about 8000 or so years ago, although the date is uncertain.  This is also how some archeologists and other scientists have proposed a true modern human being should be defined, in or around the rise of farming, after which very sudden and rapid advancements (such as the ability to conceive of farming and sudden rises in technology capable of building the pyramids of Egypt) occurred that clearly separates humans from other species.  What defines a true modern human being is arbitrary in the case of science and, is neither consistent or necessarily accurate.  You can find more information about this in the footnotes to this article here:

The reason you need a license to drive is, a large modern society like the United States doesn't want people driving vehicles who don't know how to drive them safely and properly.  For example, we don't want children run over in a school zone because someone fails to drive slowly and stop at a crosswalk.  We should also require much tougher tests and licenses to own a gun, much more so than we currently do.  Societies with stricter gun control laws have much lower per capita murder rates than the United States does.  Consider how dangerous life would be in a large city like Los Angeles, if there were no traffic laws and, anyone who wanted to could drive an 18-wheel truck without any license, training or road test.

A license to marry theoretically involves several promises and a public vow of commitment to another human being.  Virtually all if not all societies in the world today require some type of public commitment in order to be legally married.  Exactly why or how right or wrong this may be is debatable, but marriage is at least theoretically, both a financial and emotional relationship commitment to a spouse and to any children attached.

Everything is not based on contract law.  There are many types of law, contract law being only one of several.  For example, a law against murdering your neighbor is not a contract law, nor is a law against stealing something from a store in your neighborhood.  If you want to live in a society with no laws other than specific contracts, then you should be ready for the consequences, which would include roving gangs arbitrarily breaking into your house, murdering you and your family and then, just taking whatever they wanted.  After all, if they didn't sign a contract with you, who are you then to complain about their actions?  

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QUESTION: In response to ...
1. The issue I have is being legally defined as a human is then my bloodline is deriving from Apes/monkeys over Adam and Eve, monkeys I suppose get animal rights where a man gets biblical rights or claim.
2. Governments that rob/steal off their society members and keep everyone in poverty and debt to me is what causes all the chaos. In the 50's the average cop seemed like a friendly member of a town city, now they look like swat teams. In the old west they didn't need a license to drive a buggy carriage and in India/Asia they seem to operate fine without that control mechanism. The biggest problem is ... you can force compliance to whatever you want by threatening to take a license away and prevent someone like a trades person from earning a living, you could cut them off making money to feed their families.
3. To me a license to marry simply means the State wants in on your marriage, they want to basically take on the role of God, or usurp Gods position in the marriage. Allowing children to be removed from homes and limiting how one child rears. Funny there is no license to have children ... yet. You would think raising a child would be more important than getting a fishing license.
4. I mean when we ask a question or give a promise everything is contract law, "Honey, can' you take out the garbage" "yes, dear as soon as my soccer game is over", This being a conditional offer to the wife's petition. Getting a license to drive/get married/ a voluntary entering in of a contract that gives a fictional entity (state) power over you.

I don't have a problem with a society that is setup like the one in place but it's members should join free willingly not be tricked into it or forced into it as it presently is. I believe we are headed back right to Nazi Germany. Soon the question will be "Do you have your papers".
Crime rates will soar as the ability to earn money disappears and non educated people will be forced into "breaking the law" by dealing in drugs or other questionable trades. We live on a planet that provides an endless amount of Food and resources yet the majority seems to be living in poverty - why is that?

There is overwhelming evidence human rights are granted by God, written on our conscience, as similar golden rules and similar basic laws against murder, adultery, theft and false witness appear all over the historical map, in both connected and non-connected cultures.  The evidence for a shared human conscience is overwhelming.  As far as I am aware, there is no scientific evidence that monkeys or other animals have a conscience in the same sense that we do, although it is very difficult for either a scientist or any other human being to "think" like a dog, a bird or a monkey and thus, humans often assume a lot about animal behavior based on our own experience and thus, our understanding of animal behavior is limited and may not at all be very accurate.  

Experiments indicate human babies as young as 3 months old already exhibit a sense of good and bad, right and wrong and, some but not all scientists agree that the human conscience is inborn, mean we already have one out of the womb, which is what the Bible says is true, that God has written his law on the hearts of humanity--we also learn through parental and other cultural inducement over time and, this varies considerably depending on what culture, place and time in history we are born.

I think you are mixing up a human invention called "contract law", with the reality of the human conscience, which is not the same thing and, the reality that many people act without thinking of the consequences of how their actions might hurt other people.  Our shared human conscience dictates various societal laws that eventually end up as punishable for not keeping them.  For example, the reason there are laws requiring us to have a license to drive is because our conscience dictates we should care about children and others in a crosswalk and, should not just let anyone drive 100 miles per hour in a residential zone, just because they feel like it.  Someone driving under the influence should have their license revoked, because they are a danger to both themselves and other people.  

This is why a drivers license is required, because we don't want people run over by reckless, drunk or untrained drivers.  This is not optional like a "contract" law between consenting people--rather, it is necessary that large societies have uniform laws that apply to all citizens equally, such as laws against driving while intoxicated and, laws requiring all vehicle drivers to be trained and certified that they can handle their vehicle and that they  know the motor vehicle laws, rules and regulations.  

My brothers own a trucking company for example, and all of their drivers have to be certified before they can drive a large truck full of furniture down the highway--this is absolutely necessary for the safety and security of other drivers on the road, as well as their own safety, as well as the safety of the cargo they are carrying, as well as the safety of pedestrians--in my opinion, it would be crazy for a large society to not require that drivers be licensed, just like it is crazy for a large society like ours to allow people to own guns easily, without any certification, license or background check or at least, that is the goal of the gun nut lobbies in the United States--we don't need citizens owning either nuclear bombs or automatic weapons--a society that allows this is a crazy society, which is why more and more children are being slaughtered at schools around our nation.  

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