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What constitutes a violation of human rights? What some examples?And What responsibility do we have, if any, to intervene when human rights are being violated?Could you please answer in detail. Also have you ever read the book Persepolis The Story Of A Childhood by Marjane Satrapi? If so how does the story answer those questions? Please be specific an answer in detail.

To answer your last question first, no I am not familiar with that book.

What today are called "human rights" have their basis in our shared human conscience.  Similar base laws against murder, adultery, theft and false witness are found spread throughout the historical record, as well as similar and sometimes same "golden rules" are found--similar base laws and similar golden rules are found in both connected and non-connected societies.  This is clear evidence that we have a designed shared human conscience.

According to the Bible, God has written his law on the hearts of humanity, for which the above is clear evidence for.  According to God's law, we should love our neighbor as our self and, we should treat other people like we want them to treat us.  This is the foundation for human rights.  All legitimate human rights are based on the idea that we should treat other people like we want them to treat us.  

Some people argue that we should treat other people how "they" want to be treated, rather than how we want to be treated by them.  But this is not a legitimate argument, as if we don't first get to know someone and find out what they want, then we have no way of knowing how they want us to treat them.  

Thus, the first step of human rights is to be friendly towards someone, acting towards them as we would like them to act towards us.  Only by first getting to know them can we then learn what they might like differently than we do.  

Because human rights are granted by God, written on our shared human conscience, they trump all other laws.  It is fair and just to oppose the laws and actions of our own government, if and when they are subverting human rights.  This the basis for the modern Civil Rights Movement, that it is just to demonstrate against unjust laws, like laws that do not treat people of different color skin fairly and equally.    

No human being decides where they are born, what nation or type of family or culture they are born into.  As such, all human beings have a right to fair and equal access to shelter, good food, clothing, clean air, clean water and similar.  What greatly harms human rights is when some people horde a lot of wealth they don't need, while other people who often work the hardest don't have enough for the basics.

We are all guilty of violating human rights, whenever we treat someone worse than we would like them to treat us.  Children for example, are often mean to other children and, adults are often mean to other adults.  

Unlike modern education teaches, we need God's help to overcome evil with good and to care about and help rather than harm other people.  Jesus is not only about human rights, he is also about the solution for how to achieve human rights, how to achieve love, justice, peace and freedom on earth.

I have written extensively about human rights, which you can find at the free online book at this link:  

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