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Hunting/Coyote hunting in GA


williams wrote at 2008-09-10 13:21:00
coyote is a animal that has no closed season and no bag limit , they are in all 50 states .and ga has way to many because they have no natural predators.its up to the hunters to keep them under control ,because its way to costly to implement a govt. program to reduce their population. kill some deer and scatter the remains around your hunting range and they will come. use calls and decoys and use archery equipment or you"all advertise your honey hole.

Joe wrote at 2013-01-14 03:04:54
I started hunting coyotes at about 14 years old, and i have used many strategies. Trapping, spot and stalk, but my favorite is Calling them in.

    find an open field with a high deer or rabbit population, find a spot with enough cover to conceal yourself, and get to calling. Call on and off for at least an hour and if you don't have any luck, find a new spot.

    As far as your weapon goes, a low caliber (.243 .223) rifle with a high powered scope would be perfect. I like to bring a 12 gauge along, just in case they get a little too close for comfort.

    Good luck, Joe  


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I can answer most basic questions concerning predator trapping and some water trapping. Questions about lures, baits, sets, traps, trap treatment, modification, sizes, equipment, usage, etc. I have been certified by the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, the old First Okla. Trapper`s Assoc., and the Okla. State Univ. Extension Service as a trapping instructor, and in years past have given classes to people wishing to learn the sport...I also have a couple decades experience in predator calling and can provide some basic answers to these questions as well.


30+ years running my own traplines, and 60+ years experience as a hunter, shooter, fisherman, and outdoorsman.

I have been certified by the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, the old First Okla. Trapper`s Assoc., and the Okla. State Univ. Extension Service, as a trapping instructor... I have also received personal instruction from two professional ADC specialists.

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As far as teaching what I know to others. I take this to be what you mean here... I have helped my son, and son in law, as well as given classes to a number of other people in this area, to help get them started in trapping and predator calling... I have had personal instruction from 2 professional government ADC specialists, and I have over 30 years experience running my own traplines, and 60+ years of experience in the outdoors...... I have a friend who is a troop leader with the Boy Scouts. In the past I have done several demonstrations on trapping and predator calling for the boys, and on a number of occasions have helped the troop to set up and run a trapline during the winter, with proceeds going to the troop.

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