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kiltedgijoe wrote at 2009-11-15 03:26:38
I recently put a muzzle brake on my M44 with excellent results, it greatly decreased the mule kick, however my son has been looking for one for his 91/30 as well, the one for the m44 WILL NOT fit the 91/30 as the barrel on the m44 is thicker than on a 91/30.  There is less recoil with the longer 91/30 but the recoil is still substantial there are recoil pads made specifically for the rifle and can be purchased on ebay or many other dealers on the net, however after purchasing one and putting it on my son's 91/30 it is very dense and made of VERY hard rubber.

LV2XLR8 wrote at 2012-12-12 21:20:29
I'd just like to add that the length from the front sight to the end of the barrel is different between the M44 and the 91/30 as are the barrel diameters by just over 1mm. That's a big difference when you're talking about mounting a muzzle brake.

The commercially available brakes for the 91/30 are mostly bolt on with set screws and usually either move or fail completely, not worth the money although you can get threaded ones now which would require the threading of the end of your barrel.


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