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I am a felon my last felony was in July 2006 i was wondering what states i could bow hunt mule deer in by the way i live and utah i just sure miss carrying a wepon on hunts love going and dogging but cant wait to beable to pertake in the harvest again also my felonies are not violent crimes

Well Canada is definitely out so that leaves you effectively with the following states that hold Mule Deer in huntable populations, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

Every state is going to be unique and individual and in some states your going to have to drill down all of the way to the county level.

In Nebraska for example, there are two statutes that are on the books, which are: felon's may not be in possession of a Firearm or felon's may not be in possession of a dangerous weapon.  The first statute is easy, do not tough a firearm, the second one is extremely vague and after talking to a law enforcement officer with Nebraska Game and Parks Division, he stated that it was up to each individual county in the state as to how to determine whether a bow would be considered a dangerous weapon.

The reality is that if this is something you truly want to pursue, your going to have to have your legal council involved, your going to have to drill down exactly where you are going to hunt and you will need to check every county from the one you live in and will practice with your bow, as well as the counties that you will travel through and of course the county and state that you will hunt in.

Sorry to say there is no clear concise answer for you but hopefully this gets you on the right track.  If you do get the chance to pursue your passion make sure you follow every single law perfectly because you will more then likely come under some extra scrutiny.  Best of Luck and Good Hunting!!!


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