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Hey, i was just hoping to ask a question about whitetail hunting. I live in ontario and have an 80 acre piece of land. On our one neighbors property there is lots very ancient pines and ponds,  our other neighbor has very dense brush and a south facing slope/ hill that is covered in thick cedars and running along the bottom of that slope is a grassy swamp with big hardwoods. Our property has  a creek and a smaller creek that run parallel about 150 yards from each other and then join. Between those creeks is very dense brush ( tall grass, saplings and lots of dogwood), that are backed on the sam south facing slope with thick cedars as well. On the other side of that slope is a very small field amlmost 100 yards long and 75 wide which i see has bedsin it,  and another, connected by a little gully with water on each side.  Then farther back in the woods is a big pond with VERY thick cedars surounding it, and then a few more ponds with the same thing but i dont venture that far back into those other ponds. Today i was hunting on the side of our property with the neighbors swampy part on the top of the hill and into the woods a bit where the pines and cedars stop, i saw 2 deer both bucks, ( one an 8 point) i dont know if that last part helps or not but i was wondering where you would hunt if you were on my property.


This is a really tough question.  If I could easily see the google maps image of the property, I would be able to pick out 2 or 3 locations that you could hunt based on varying wind conditions.

If I was hunting it blind based on what you have stated, I would spend the early morning in the field because you stated it has varying deer beds and if you can get into a stand set up early enough in the morning, you may be able to catch the deer coming into the field in the morning to bed down.  Most deer do not like to bed in the open but this still looks to be your best bet for your morning hunt.

Your best bet for this property is to print out an 11 by 17 image of your property from Google Maps and at 11am on that hunt, I would walk the entire perimeter of your property and then walk across your property in 3 intersecting lines marking tracks that intersect your property so you can see where the deer are crossing and using your property.  Bring your rifle, you just might jump a deer or two, if you do, mark the beds.

Pick stand locations that will help you to hide your wind scent and for next year, clear small portions of your field and plant food plots that will help you draw deer into the field and away from your neighbors property, if you provide the food, the deer will come.

I hope this helps!!!


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