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I was wondering if there were any classes on trapping im in North East Oklahoma wanting to learn the art so i can pass it down to my kids but there is not any body around here that does it Thanks for any info


Hello Jody,

I'm in Northeast Oklahoma myself... I used to be a certified trapping instructor for the old Oklahoma Trapper's Association, and I, along with a few others, gave classes and instruction on trapping and predator calling in this area. But that has been quite a while now. Today, I'm up in years, retired, disabled, and not physically able to run trap lines, or even give instructions, any longer.

Now, I'm not affiliated with the new Oklahoma Fur Bearer's Alliance, but I've been told that they do hold classes and give instructions. They can be reached at this link... ...(you may have to copy and paste it)...or just by typing "Oklahoma Furbearer's Alliance" in your search bar... You can also call phone number 918-645-5667 for a John Weygandt. Tell him what you are wanting, and he can supply any information you may need.... You may need to get the phone number from the Okla. Fur Bearer's Alliance website because I don't believe they will allow me to type a phone number here. I believe they blot it out. But, if so, the web sight will have the number to call.

I do apologize that I am not able to do more, but I wish you the best of luck with it, and I know that this organization and this fella, can give you the information you are seeking.

I have taught a number of people, including my son, the art of trapping, and I'm glad to see other people wanting to learn themselves, and to pass this sport along to the next generation.

If there is anything more I can help you with, I'm as close as your computer.



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I can answer most basic questions concerning predator trapping and some water trapping. Questions about lures, baits, sets, traps, trap treatment, modification, sizes, equipment, usage, etc. I have been certified by the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, the old First Okla. Trapper`s Assoc., and the Okla. State Univ. Extension Service as a trapping instructor, and in years past have given classes to people wishing to learn the sport...I also have a couple decades experience in predator calling and can provide some basic answers to these questions as well.


30+ years running my own traplines, and 60+ years experience as a hunter, shooter, fisherman, and outdoorsman.

I have been certified by the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, the old First Okla. Trapper`s Assoc., and the Okla. State Univ. Extension Service, as a trapping instructor... I have also received personal instruction from two professional ADC specialists.

Past/Present Clients
As far as teaching what I know to others. I take this to be what you mean here... I have helped my son, and son in law, as well as given classes to a number of other people in this area, to help get them started in trapping and predator calling... I have had personal instruction from 2 professional government ADC specialists, and I have over 30 years experience running my own traplines, and 60+ years of experience in the outdoors...... I have a friend who is a troop leader with the Boy Scouts. In the past I have done several demonstrations on trapping and predator calling for the boys, and on a number of occasions have helped the troop to set up and run a trapline during the winter, with proceeds going to the troop.

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