im doing a pursswasive essay for my mom to like the idea of hunting. I hunt with my dad but mom dosent like it. So i need facts of how its a painless death. Also why its good for tyhe enviorment.

Hailey, at age 70, I cannot tell you how many people I have convinced that hunting by a morally correct hunter is not only the most humane was to gather meat for your table, but the final product of venison is healthier than is the store bought, fatty beef!
(1) Beef is not born inside plastic, ready to go into the pan. Where we sometimes hunt in Wyoming, Momma cows are separated in the fall from their babies. The babies are shipped off in dry, cold, open trucks to feed lots, where the babies are confined in filthy pens and caused to not be able to exercise so that they fatten quickly. The are fed controlled feed that is only designed to add fat. When they are killed, many are not struck in the head correctly and are not dead when strung up, gutted and skinned. The slaughter houses have no regard for the comfort of the animals and only worry about their bottom line profits. None of this is pleasant to think about, but it is true.
Three years ago, I took my local surgeon to hunt mule deer and antelope in Wyoming. The Doc had never hunted before and was a "city boy!" I made him practice all summer at the range, so that I knew he could make a quick, clean, humane killing shot on his game animal. He killed his deer and antelope, both one shot kills through the heart. As we field dressed the game, I asked him as a doctor, how long the animal suffered with that sort of wound. He said because of fast shock, the animal felt a pain like a bee sting for less than 30 seconds and before a minute passed, the animal was in deep shock, feeling nothing and then, dead. Much less of any pain that is felt by cattle butchered commercially.
We eat all our harvest of game. My wife until last year, had never hunted. Now, after much range practice, using a 7mm-08 Rifle,she has taken one shot kills on white tail, mule deer and antelope. She loves hunting and cooking the game meet.
Environment? : The game, to include the deer that we hunt, are only here on earth because of hunter's dollars and hunter's backed game regs. Without that, all game would have been shot out by now, by market hunters and wicked people who care nothing about leaving our great legacy of game to future generations. Every time you buy hunting lic. or stamps, or hunting clothes or equipment, a part of that money goes to helping game survive in this country.
In the 1920s, in my home state of Maryland, all deer had been shot out. Through sportsmen's money, the Maryland herds were rebuilt to the point that today, there are more deer in Maryland than when the Indians were there!
So, ask more questions if you like, but I believe that I have given you some ammo with which to defend your hunting rights!
Steven L. Ashe
DeLand, FL


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